Second Life Height Offset

Third party viewer users are accustomed to have the a feature know as avatar z-offset or height offset. This feature allowed us to precisely control our avatars vertical position. Whether walking, sitting, or ground sitting we could adjust the avatar’s vertical position in relation to the ground or a floor.

The roll out of SSA broke this feature. It appears this is the thing most often asked about in various support groups since SSA rolled out. At least it is the question I see most consistently being asked. Well, that and temporary texture upload. But, temporary texture upload has been replaced with Local Textures for some time.

Today I see the Marine Kelly has an article out about a fix for Height Offset. See: RestrainedLove Viewer with Z offset fix. Marine also explains how to use Local textures in her article. 

If you use RLV features, you know that some toys broke along with the Height Offset, which they depended on. This fix gets those toys working again.

Henri Beauchamp’s Cool VL Viewer and Marine Kelly’s RL Viewer have the fix. I would expect other third party viewers to pick it up.


There is a gotcha in this fix. It only works if your shape is Mod-OK.

That is not a problem for me. I made my own shape. It is going to be a problem for those buying shapes and making them. Who is going to want to buy a no-mod shape now?


Both Nyx Linden and Henri Beauchamp are credited by Marine for making this fix possible.

2 thoughts on “Second Life Height Offset

  1. There’s been a hover set in the official viewer for many months now.
    TPVs seriously need to stay more current if their users were this unaware.

    As for no-Mod shapes…

    Um, lol?

    I always wondered why so many of those blingtards looked alike. So many avatars that fit a northern european ethnic look seem to be indistinguishable. Just assumed that was a bit of self-bias at work… but… no-Mod shapes? Maybe they really are a clone army?

    • You should stay more caught up on what the TPV’s are doing with hover that the the SL viewer does not.

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