Kokua Viewer 3.6.3 Released

WARNING! If you are a Windows user, avoid grabbing a copy and just installing it. That will create problems. Read the notice on the blog. Some things have changed and this install must be done differently than in the past. See: Kokua 3.6.3. Once you have made an update to 3.6.3 the installs will work correctly… or so we think.

Kokua/Imprudence Viewers

Kokua/Imprudence Viewers

The problem comes from the Kokua Dev Team incorporating Automatic Updates. The addition required a renaming of the install folder from Kokua Viewer to just Kokua. A basic install will result in having two versions of Kokua installed. 

Also, when trying to use automatic update from an older viewer… yeah, this confuses me too… it is possible the viewer will retrieve the SL Viewer and install it instead. So, if you have an older viewer, you should probably do a manual install to bring your system up to date with 3.6.3.

Exporting from Second Life

You may remember Singularity has added a feature to allow a user to export from SL to OBJ (Wavefront) and DAE (Collada) files. Kokua now has the ability to export to Collada, DAE files. You must be the Owner and Creator of the items to export them.

Other New Features

  • Added a new “Permissions” sub-menu for friends on the People floater.
  • Added display of group and role UUIDs at the end of the group’s General and Roles panels.
  • Added Open Simulator Community Conference 2013 grid to the grid drop down list.
  • Added plain text chat history as an option in chat preferences.
  • Fine tuned notifications for the automatic update feature.

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