Mesh Deformer News Week 24

There is not much new going on here but there are some tidbits of news.

In the Content and Mesh Creators’ group we got the question: “Mesh Deformer: What is the current status of deformer testing and what is its priority level? I’ve heard that redoing the shape keys for the fat and muscle sliders is being considered as a fix for the distortions on more extreme shapes. Is this accurate? If so, is LL set on doing this themselves or would they accept a donation on that task? The timeline is fairly important to the design community, and we can’t imagine the workload you must be dealing with. Is there anything we can do to help this particular project along? Elie Spot 11:27, 11 June 2012 (PDT)

Nyx Linden: “As for the deformer, Oz is the one working most closely with Qarl on that project, he would know best what the current status and holdups are.

Elie Spot: “…as Qarl is pretty much done w/ the current version, it is only awaiting fixes to make it work for more extreme shapes. The deformer is pretty much sitting in LL’s camp right now.

Nyx Linden: “The issue of extreme shapes is definitely an issue that needs to be discussed.

I’ll point out that Nyx’s statement can be taken several different ways.

Tyr Rozenblum: “You have a team of residents ready to step up and help as well, if we could get a few straight answers on what exactly to do. :>

Asha (ashasekayi.ra): “There are surely many people willing to get the deformer project moving forward.”

Elie Spot: “The idea to move the base av verts around had the potential issue of warping current base clothing and skin, which no one wants. However, if the av keys were altered on the fat and muscle sliders, this would give a smoother extreme avatar and most likely prevent some distortions and warping. Who exactly would be doing this work though?

Oz said this concept would be presented to the Lindens working on it, but names were not given.”

Tyr Rozenblum: “A lot of us are hanging on every word, at this point, from the lindens. We can’t stress this enough, speaking for fashion designers doing mesh as a whole, how important this issue is. Not just to us, but the majority of the residents wanting to wear mesh.

At this point I think Nyx called in Oz… whatever, he rezzed in.

Oz Linden: “We’ve given Qarl some feedback. In its present form, it’s not quite good enough, but I don’t think we should get into details. There are problems with the avatar, and there are problems with the deformer. It remains to be seen whether or not we can fix the avatar problems (I’m looking into it from a couple of angles). But, we hope that it’s possible to make some progress on the deformer even without those fixes.

Elie Spot: “Who exactly is working on it within LL or is it sorta not a priority currently?

Oz Linden: “That’s not something I can share right now. It’s a pretty high priority for me, though.

My job is to get things done through the contributions process; rest assured that if that looks possible, you’ll hear from me right away.”


Obviously there are lots of people interested in the Deformer project and improvements to the avatar. I think it is also obvious that the Lindens are giving the Deformer and avatar improvements significant priority. That doesn’t mean they are the top and foremost priority. But, it seems to me they are in something like a top ten.

Elie Spot has people lined up to help with improving parts of the avatar. If the Lindens decide aspects of the avatar can be fixed without breaking a massive amount of content, there is a good chance that will happen. It is NOT going to be Avatar 2.0. But, it may be an improved avatar.

Oz needs more male examples of mesh clothing.

Be sure you take the poll: Do #SL Mesh Clothes Fit.

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