Humor AND Dark Sex?

Me: What’s the least fun?

There are two things that can easily spoil my day in Second Life.

The primary one is dealing with unpleasant people who draw you into their little mind games. For example, I was demonstrating a product to someone and they kept putting me down… talking about all the things that they would make if they thought scripting was “worth their time.” It’s very frustrating when people who don’t script use that excuse to criticize your very existence. I mean, that’s how it feels, sometimes. I know it’s just Second Life, but I pour a lot of myself into every product I make. Each one is a reflection of how I feel sometimes about things, a lot of it is anger… but, in the end, each piece is an embodiment of something that I feel or have felt on some personal level. I think a lot of haters are just people who are too afraid to express themselves so publicly, so graphically. On the positive side, I was politely listening to someone tell me how a particular product would never sell at what I was charging (I had just released the product) when, in the middle of their jabs, I sold one. The tone of the conversation suddenly changed. I really don’t think I’ll let that person get to me ever again… and I learned that if I suffer fools long enough, they’ll eventually tire of their games.

Missing Poster

The second thing I find irritating are the lazy dominants in Second Life. More often than not, they’re uneducated buffoons. Early in my Second Life, I tried out one of those Sassy Skirts, right? I totally loved the idea of it (it’s a brilliant product), but I found that it attracted the saddest collection of predators ever assembled. I remember one time where one guy just wouldn’t leave me alone… even though I’d marked my Sassy profile as not interested in men. He kept me on a cross for almost five hours without doing a thing… probably because I belittled his poor diction, his lack of creativity, and primitive avatar the whole time. It made me realize that I was in no way the target demographic for “victim” products. I think that experience, in part, is what made me want to craft items that help predators (or dominants, if you prefer) raise their game a little. I consider it a big success for people to write to me about successful dominant/submissive sessions in which my products played a pivotal role.

Frenemy Logo

Me: Is August 16, 2011 your first rez-day? Or is Myrylyn an alt?

Myrylyn is my only character and I strongly identify with her; I don’t think I’ll ever use any other character. If you look back over my feed, you’ll see than my general appearance hasn’t changed much from my earliest days. In fact, as beautiful as my avatar is, she does have a permanent brand on her thigh. It’s Gorean, I believe. I’m an escaped slave, basically. I’ve often toyed with the idea of getting rid of the mark, but it’s a part of my history that I’d like to remember—because it all happened at a critical time in my real life. I think my real life mirrors that of my avatar—and vice versa. I think my only major change has been my hair. I wear wigs in real life, so I really enjoy switching up my hair from time to time.

Myrylyn Busted

Also, I think as a business owner, it is important for me to maintain a level of consistency in my appearance. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be identifiable by my looks alone. Perhaps, however, it’s more about my own personal vanity, since I crafted Myrylyn to match my real world looks very closely. I think I’ve done rather well—right down to my petite little chest. It’s cost me some customers, though, since many of my products are for avatars with realistically-sized breasts.

Me: How did you get started building Second Life?

As I alluded to earlier, I have an interest in fashion, so I originally set out to make clothing for Second Life. That interest was rapidly eclipsed by “ensouling” my products through the use of scripts. When I found that I understood scripting at a nearly intuitive level, I was hooked. I was also having financial difficulties at the time, having to jump from job to job, and—when I learned that I could make money with my work—I decided to open a store. Within the week, I was already selling products. I think my decision to make things that were unique was the key to my early success. I was very scared of competing with the larger companies at that time.

I still remember getting my first sales notifications… there’s really no other feeling like it.

Me: I like the posters you make. What software are you using?

I assume you’re talking about my “Faux Advertising” posters. I created all of them during a caffeine-fueled bender wherein I learned a ton of things about Adobe Photoshop. To be fair, the primary content of those posters are from in-game snapshots… which I then manipulated, added text to, and creative pretend logos for. I’m particularly fond of the “Red Mist” logo—so much so that I’ve just recently created a “Red Mist” pepper-spray canister in my latest product, “The Frenemaker.”

Apart from Adobe Photoshop, I use a number of other tools in my creative process: 3DS Max 2011, Sculptypaint, Qavimator, SoundBooth, AfterEffects, and BVHacker. I’m really started to enjoy making custom animations and I think the fact that my creations use my real-world voice is just the height of hubris. But I do have a cute voice, don’t you think?

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    • Yeah, some stuff got stripped in your discussion filter. Basically, where you see the empty “” marks, you’ll want to insert the following, replacing the default name with the appropriate names particular to your database:

      1. Database URL
      2. Database login
      3. Database password
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      5. Database Table Name

      Hope this helps!

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