#SL Mesh Deformer 0.3 Released

This morning on qLab, Qarl Fizz’s blog, I see Qarl has released a new version of the Mesh Deformer. He writes:

quick announcement – i’m releasing version 0.3 of the deformer code. primary changes: 1) should now apply cleanly to recent linden viewer code, 2) deformation tables are computed in the background on another thread, so no frame stalls.


Henri Beauchamp 4.25.12 / 12am

Err… Qarl… lldeformerworker.h and lldeformerworker.cpp are missing from your patch !

I think we will see this version come out in a Linden Lab® project viewer as the previous version did not play well with the 3.3.0 viewers. It also handles the problem I ran into: having to wait for about a minute to see the Deformer kick in.

Of course, we will see this code in several Third Party Viewers. Cool, Dolphin, and Nirans all have fast update cycles. And we can see Henri has already looked at the code for Cool VL viewer. So, it won’t be a long wait.

Firestorm uses a slower update cycle and omitted adding the 0.2 version of the Deformer because they felt it was too buggy. And it was eventually removed from Dolphin viewer because people were having problems with it.

I look forward to seeing how this version of the Deformer works. By now we know there are going to be some limits to what it can do. Plus we know changes from other places will improve the Second Life® Avatar. Or at least its vertex weighting.

I am excited about the Deformer and the coming changes to the avatar. Rumors circulate about both and the Lab has not committed to accepting either. I think it is highly probable both will be adopted and integrated into Second Life at some point, hopefully this year.

This 0.3 release is about 1280 lines of code. The previous 0.2 release was about 1070 lines.

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  1. Firestorm will not add this feature until it’s officially released in Linden Lab’s viewer because it falls under section 2.k of the Third Party Viewer policy.

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