Humor AND Dark Sex?

This article is an interview with an adult content maker in the BDSM community.

Everyone likes sex… I think. Mixing it with humor is like chocolate with cherries for me, way better. Some prefer a much darker experience. And that darker part leads me to Myrylyn Shinn and her sometimes humorous and always dark Frenemies.

Myrylyn Shinn

I’ve only done a couple of interviews from the interviewer’s side. If you are a regular reader, you know I am more into news and tech oriented. But, I need a change from time to time. I play in some dark RP games. That and my coverage of Adult Content caught Myrylyn’s attention. Her role play and toys are very dark and was curious if I would cover her creations for the adult community. So, in this interview I hope you can experience the talented and fun Myrylyn. You will see the interesting mix of her humor, dark role play, and toys in her Frenemy Fashion blog.

I want to point out this is NOT a paid promotion.

I first knew of Myrylyn when she IM’d me and asked if I wrote about adult topics in my blog. As you know, I do. I try to keep things safe for work. I do have articles about Zindra, where I live, and Adult Content. I think I’ve kept this safe for work. I’ve labeled links that lead to NSFW pages to avoid surprises.

Myrylyn IM’d me wanting to talk about and show off things she is making for the adult community. At first I’m thinking penises… which I generally find interesting. So, sure. Show me yours… I suppose meeting a woman and imagining she has a collection of penises on display somewhere is pretty much a Second Life thing… or maybe that’s just… never mind. Whatever, I had no idea what I was getting into, I teleported over to talk with her.

When I arrived, Myrylyn and her friend Thessally were building-testing a new Myrylyn toy. The ball gag may have had something to do with Thessally having little to say. As I rezzed I was wondering if I had gotten in over my head. The toy Myrylyn was building is The Frenemaker (NSFW). Yikes! A change of my mental gears was needed.

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