Humor AND Dark Sex?

As Myrylyn and I talked getting to know about each other I relaxed. In Second Life® she is making toys and art that interest the BDSM community.  She seems to be catching the community’s attention. She is just getting started in making products for Second Life, a blog, and a Market Place store. The first article I read, Party Girl  (NSFW), had really amused. I thought it way funny. That article and her posters with a tongue-in-cheek humor just click for me. Thinking about that… I may need help… my warped sense of humor may be more warped than I think.

As a fashion student iRL I was curious how she moved from fashion design to building dark kinky stuff in Second Life? That question and others evolved into the following interview.

In the process of writing our back and forth revealed Myrylyn is into scripting. She has given me a blob of Linden Scripting Language (LSL) code that handles the new Direct Delivery ANS process. It should be handy for those switching over as there is not a good example in the wiki yet. I’ll put it at the end.


Me: How did you first find Second Life?

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I learned about Second Life back in 2007 at a rather tender age. As someone who is deeply interested in cutting-edge fashion, I was always scouring the Internet for interesting ideas. Back then, it was quite rare to get Second Life Marketplace image results returned when doing image searches on fashion. Now, it is quite common. But that’s where I first got exposed to Second Life, through image search results on the keyword “fashion.”

Me: What did you first think of Second Life?

Back in 2007, Second Life’s graphical limitations made me shy away from it as I found it hard to articulate my vision with the in-game tools. And, of course, I was a bit of a ditzy young woman… and I didn’t have the technical skills I have now. I was way too into make-up, girls, and MySpace to spend too much time wrangling the in-game creation tools… but it did get me started working with Adobe Photoshop– which I’ve become very proficient with. In 2007, Second Life was too blunt an instrument for me to really be proud of my results. It was the advent of “mesh technology” which drew me back to Second Life… and I’ve been creating since my first day back!

Me: What do you find the most fun?

Honestly, one would think that my background in fashion (such as it is), would lead others to guess that it would creating unique fashions and accessories. But, truth be told, I’ve really fallen in love with scripting. My first scripts were quite simple—I think it was for my “Breast Vice” product. All that script did was swap a texture when the user clicked on the vice, a bloody one for a clean one. I know it sounds silly, but that simple script propelled me to work harder and push my limits. Shortly thereafter, I’d developed a fairly complex, highly-scripted product called “The Human Dartboard” which not only had a lot of custom textures and animations, but a system for profit-sharing. I was motivated to make the product when I realized that a lot of women in Second Life are forced to dance to make money… I thought, “Why not give the girls a more humiliating alternative to dance?”

Kiosk with Goodies

It should be noted that, at the time, I was going through some personal issues that… well, that made me feel a very betrayed by my circle of friends. The Human Dartboard was (and is) a monument to my once and current anger. It was like therapy to me… once I realized I could build something like that, I knew there was no limit to what I was capable of. Additionally, my only “way out” of my grief was through expressing myself through Second Life. It also helped put food on the table when finding real-world work for myself wasn’t a viable option.

So, I don’t know about “most fun” but scripting is certainly the most therapeutic.

For pure, non-work related Second Life fun, I enjoy doing my product photoshoots. All my products have photos attached that are all in-world. My Frenemies even pose for me sometimes!

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  1. I think you may have cropped off the top of the PHP file. Here it is again– hopefully the PHP/SQL stuff won’t get stripped out!

    $con = mysql_connect("”,””,””);
    if (!$con)
    die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());

    mysql_select_db(“”, $con);

    $Currency = addslashes($_GET[‘Currency’]);
    $Type = addslashes($_GET[‘Type’]);
    $PaymentGross = addslashes($_GET[‘PaymentGross’]);
    $PaymentFee = addslashes($_GET[‘PaymentFee’]);
    $PayerKey = addslashes($_GET[‘PayerKey’]);
    $PayerName = addslashes($_GET[‘PayerName’]);
    $ReceiverName = addslashes($_GET[‘ReceiverName’]);
    $ReceiverKey = addslashes($_GET[‘ReceiverKey’]);
    $MerchantName = addslashes($_GET[‘MerchantName’]);
    $MerchantKey = addslashes($_GET[‘MerchantKey’]);
    $TransactionID = addslashes($_GET[‘TransactionID’]);
    $ItemID = addslashes($_GET[‘ItemID’]);
    $ItemName = addslashes($_GET[‘ItemName’]);
    $InventoryName = addslashes($_GET[‘InventoryName’]);
    $Location = addslashes($_GET[‘Location’]);

    $sql=”INSERT INTO (Currency, Type, PaymentGross, PaymentFee, PayerName, PayerKey, ReceiverName, ReceiverKey, MerchantName, MerchantKey, TransactionID, ItemID, ItemName, InventoryName, Location)

    if (!mysql_query($sql,$con))
    die(‘Error: ‘ . mysql_error());
    echo “1 record added”;


    • Yeah, some stuff got stripped in your discussion filter. Basically, where you see the empty “” marks, you’ll want to insert the following, replacing the default name with the appropriate names particular to your database:

      1. Database URL
      2. Database login
      3. Database password
      4. Database Name
      5. Database Table Name

      Hope this helps!

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