Second Life: How to FIX SLURL’s

How do we tell our computer which viewer to use when we click a SLURL in a web browser? I’ll explain what happens and show you how to make the change (at least for Windows – Sorry, I’m not an Apple person). Plus, I’ll give you the link to the way easy tool for this task that the Firestorm peeps made.

Firestorm Default Viewer Selection Tool

The Firestorm people are aware of the problem and made a tool similar to Firefox’s process for handling protocol settings. You can find it here: SLURL Proxy.

SLURL Proxy – Control your SLURL’s

Install this program. Drag and drop your viewer icons in it. Select one for your default choice. Once setup, when you click an SLURL the program will use the default you have selected.

Run the program again to make changes. Easy.  Continue reading

Emerald Viewer vs SLURL

Update 12/24/2016: See the newer version of this information: Second Life: How to FIX SLURL’s.

UPDATE: The Emerald Viewer is long gone. But, these steps work with any viewer and web browser. You are changing Windows’ settings. Use your viewers name in place of ‘Emerald’.

This SLURL thing has been a problem for me for a long time. The problem is clicking on any SLURL in Google Chrome, or any Internet Browser, causes the SL Viewer to start up. If I’m lucky and have Emerald running, the SLURL will open in Emerald, but not always. This is how to fix that problem, so SLURL’s open the viewer you prefer. These changes can be made for any viewer you like.

DTShady posted a solution on the Modular Forum: SLURLS and Emerald (dead links removed). This solution is for Windows. I think it works on all versions of Windows. I am only testing it on Vista.

WARNING! These are changes to your Registry. You could conceivably mess up your computer changing the registry. So, be careful and pay attention to details. Making a Restore Point for recovery is a great idea. (Google: “How to” make Restore Point) Also there are a couple of minor errors in DTShady’s posted file. (You would normally correct those in the process of adding your path, so it may be unfair to call it a mistake. Sorry.) Continue reading