Second Life MOAP Tutorial

Update 2015/10: Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is replacing Webkit, the engine MOAP uses. Media should now be HTML5 compatible. Avoid Flash & QuickTime. Click the CEF Tag below this article for more information.

I’m just learning, so this is not the most complete tutorial on Media On A Prim (MOAP). This is what I have learned in my first few steps. Hopefully it will save you a few gotcha’s. Also, this is not a newbie’s tutorial. I’m assuming you know basic building. But, even if you are new, you should be able to stumble through this tutorial without much trouble. Continue reading

nVidia 196.75 Problem


Word is out that the nVidia 196.75 driver update has been suspended. Use of the driver reduces fan speed and can allow the card to overheat and fail. This can damage the card and other parts of the computer.

See ZDNet.

nVidia Future

nVidia is suffering from serious mismanagement according to industry pundits. Several of the top of the line video cards, 260, 275, 280, etc. are being End of Life rated. This leaves the field open to ATI. Continue reading

Failed Inventory Deliveries in Second Life

You may not have heard, but Linden Lab is changing how they will handle freebies on XStreetSL. Basically they are going to charge a price for having freebies on XStreetSL. There are two controversies that swirl around this change. A good review of those can be found in Ciaran Laval’s blog post, So are you still calling Myth#1 a myth Pink?

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Script Limits in Second Life

Most of us that work with scripts and those that own land have heard Script Limits are coming. For many this is scary as it affects so many things.

Ever wonder what happens to an AV wearing scripted objects that enters an area at its script limit? You might expect your AO to stop working. But vehicles one is ‘sitting’ in may be returned to owner … its undecided. But what if your AO is returned to you also? Hmmmm. Not good. But, that AO return probably won’t happen. You’ll just walk funny.

Not much has been reported lately. Getting information on where Lindens are in the process is difficult.

There are however some places where one can find out what is going on.

Thread on SL Forum:

Babbage Linden is another source of information as he is doing most of the planning. (scroll down for transcript list)

It appears this is not something that will happen soon. It is a complex change and affects many things. I expect the Lindens to be very cautious with the change and the implementation. But we certainly want to be planning now.

Roadmap for SL Content Creators

Second Life

SL Content Creation Roadmap

New World Notes has a summary of Cyn Linden’s post on the SL roadmap for content creators. If you are selling or plan to sell in SL then this is something to know and join in shaping as it will affect you. Some of the highlights and issues are described below.

At the present time it is easy for alternates with no payment information to rip-off goods and sell them. There is a whole big thing about Stroker Serpentine versus anonymous, unregistered Volkov Catteneo. It’s hard to go after an anonymous person. This new system, if done right, has the potential to stop these content theft problems. The Lindens expect to see many of the new features implemented this year. So, get involved in the discussion in the forums.

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Second Life Rubberbanding and Problems

Rubberbanding is what Second Life Players call it when you are walking along and suddenly snap back along the path you were walking. It seems you have to walk parts twice. This is caused by lag, I think in this case mostly server side lag. Whatever the cause it is annoying. In combat sims it distroyes game play.

There is a JIRA report on the problem. Vote for a fix here:

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