Group Ownership JIRA

GwynethLlewelyn  Tweets: Allow group ownership of private islands (multiple owners paying the cost for the private island together)

The link leads to a JIRA that people are voting for. I think this is an excellent idea.

JIRA TEXT: Many private islands are group-owned by communities that scorn the lack of covenant enforcement on the mainland and its avatar limit and prefer to live on private islands instead. However, private islands can only have one Estate Owner, which is responsible for the ultimate payment to Linden Lab. If that individual disappears — due to accidents, illness, death, or simply boredom — the whole group, which has been faithfully paying tier, will disband forcefully as Linden Lab fails to collect the appropriate land fees for the private island.

I propose a mechanism where the current group rules apply to Estates as well as parcels. Payment for the whole private island would come from the persons listed as Group Owners, who would automatically become Estate Owners (plural!) as well. Each might individually pay for the island, or collectively contribute to its payment (e.g. assuming three owners, payments would be split among the three, but if one defaults on the payment, the other two would be able to cover the sudden lack of payment). Ideally this would mean tying a “bank account” to an island (or an Estate), and allowing residents to contribute to it, either automatically (through the group roles, which split payments equanimously among members with a “payment” role), or manually, depending on their wishes (or the size of the parcels they own on that private island).


Please vote for this change.

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