Second Life: RC Troubles

The recent RC Server update has brought some problems. You have to have the combination of a viewer without AISv3 updates and be on a RC Channel region; Blue Steel, Magnum, or Tigre. In this case it is any of the three.

Gangsta Fair

Gangsta Fair by Two Souls, on Flickr

The Deploys thread in the forum is getting some chat form those having problems. But, most have yet to figure out whats going wrong. And since it is region specific problem, it is hard to figure out.

If you are trying to figure out if you’re on a RC Channel, open HELP->ABOUT… and read. One of the channel names will appear in the text describing the region. If not, you aren’t.

The Problems

Some think mesh items failing to render is due to the channel update. It isn’t. Look to your video drivers.

If you have disable HTTP Inventory (debug setting: UseHTTPInventory) that can initiate a problem. The minor problem of your avatar never rendering, inventory failing to load, and related issues the blind won’t notice.

This may only kick in AFTER you attempt to change an outfit.

Builders will likely notice they can’t rez items from inventory.

Merchants will notice they cannot change the properties of items in inventory.

On viewers without AISv3 (Agent/Avatar Inventory System) implemented (that being the current Firestorm and Singularity according to Whirly Fizzel) you cannot empty Trash. It comes back when you next log in.

See: BUG-8877Trash problems after the “second life server deploy on tuesday march 24 – Trash cannot be purged on any pre-AIS3 viewer on RC regions  and BUG-8917Inventory problems on Agni RC Regions running and Aditi regions running DRTSIM-279 when Http Inventory is disabled.

PS: The current Firestorm in QA testing has AISv3 included. So, it doesn’t have the Trash problem.

Caleb Linden has posted that the promotion of last week’s RC is being postponed. Wednesday, maybe Thursday, we will likely get a rerun of this package with fixes for these bugs. There is apparently a fix for the Trash problem. But, the other problems seem to persist. So, we may see a few twists and turns in roll outs as the Lindens attempt catch this wild throw.

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