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Second Life™ has a collection of publishers with some interesting magazines. These tend to be online magazines. Eclipse Magazine is one. It is an interesting collection of information and opinions. The June issues is here: ECLIPSE Magazine June 2015.

Eclipse Magazine - June 2015

Eclipse Magazine – June 2015

This issue features Draxtor Despres as a Second Life evangelist… well, that is accurate use of the word, but I hadn’t thought of using the word with the name Drax. The article is kind to Drax, deservedly so, and I think may give one a new take on Drax. See page 42.

A section of the magazine is named Voices from the Grid. The section is described as a monthly survey of the ideas and opinions of SL residents on salient issues. Page 57.

Phoenix Welles, Tymmerie Throne, me: Nalates Urriah, Sands Leavitt, and Gorgeous Yongho (Juicy Bomb). We talk about what we hope and think Project SANSAR will produce. And did you know SANSAR is the Sanskrit word for LIFE? 

The common points mentioned are:

  • Less demanding computer requirements.
  • Easier to learn/use.
  • Easier to get dressed.
  • Better rendering of materials and removal of the dependence on Projector lighting.

Novel ideas from Tymmeria:

  • Umbrella accounts with shared inventory for avatars in the account or tiered inventory.
  • Dummy mode, allow alts to log in and be controlled by a single viewer, think pose-able manikins for photos.

Gold and Steel (and the bodies of women) is the title of an article about the taboo of Gorean role play in Second Life. People disliking the Gorean style generally have little if any understanding of what Gorean play is. So, the idea that people dislike it because they don’t really understand it, seems plausible. This article attempts to inform and educate. I think it does a good job of that. Whether it will change minds or not… I’m female and I have an aversion to authority… so not in my case.

However, I did learn things I did not know about Gorean life style. I’ve always known that the philosophy taken from the Gor books was deeper than sound clips and buzz phrases can convey. SO, it is an interesting article.

There is a section on Miss SL. I know little about the pageant. But, Eclipse has an article about the pageant starting and the first Miss SL on page 140.

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