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Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

A new Internet type radio show is coming. Inara Pey is involved and promoting the show on her blog. I gather from her articles she has been instrumental in getting Drax and Jo to go ahead with this project. See the latest here: The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched. The original, I think, announcement is here: Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January.

From Inara we learn Draxtor Despres, of Flufee and World Makers fame, and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920’s Berlin in Second Life™, will be hosting the show. Both Drax and Jo are pretty much pro Second Life™. So, I see the coming of this show as a balance to the negative energy of the Metareality’s podcasts.

I think people have always needed multiple sources of information. Humans tend to be biased, prejudiced, and often have an agenda. That is not necessarily a bad thing. But, it does make it hard for us to see things without our particular colored glasses. Between Metareality and Drax Radio we can probably get a more accurate picture of Second Life. I am looking forward to how this goes. Continue reading

World Makers Episode 11: Dwarfins

It is Friday and a new Drax File is out: Dwarfins. The makers of Dwarfins  Dante Spectre and Judy Chestnut are interviewed in this episode.

Inara Pey has an interview with Drax on her blog today. See: The Drax Files 11: the power of creativity.

Drax expresses the direction he is moving with the Drax Files in the interview:

… and for the future, I feel I need to get even deeper into personal stories that are different to the ones we’ve seen; so in the little time I have, the five minutes, the balance does need to be shifted towards the personal story. Not versus the activity, per se,  but what sets it apart from the other stories, rather than repeating what’s in the other stories. It lies in the nature of my goal as well as what people say naturally, without me prompting them, because it seems what is foremost on their minds is the stereotype we are faced with. so sometimes, the subject I’m interviewing is responding in a defensive way, but also sometimes just pushing back, which I really love.


Drax Files – World Makers Episode 7: Rod Humble

Drax put his latest episode of the World Makers out today. This is a fun interview with Rod Humble. It runs 5 minutes and there are some interesting bits of information.

If you have listened to Rod’s 2011 speech at UC Santa Cruz’s meeting Inventing  the Future of Games, you may not be able to pick up on some of the context included in the video. See Rod Humble Speech Released for a brief summary and links to that video.

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The Drax Files – World Makers: Episode 6 – Abramelin Wolfe

This episode is about Abramelin Wolfe one of the people behind Abranimations. His wife helps him. If you have ever searched for a hard to find animation in Second Life™ you have probably come across Abranimations.

Check out Abranimations web site. If you like Jo Yardly’s 1920’s Berlin, then you must have Abranimations’ 1920’s Flapper Dances… or so I think. Abranimations also has a collection of Vintage Dances. They should work too.

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Drax World Makers Episode 5: Engrama

This episode of Drax’s World Makers features musicians that are using Second Life™ to reach an international audience.

Facebook is boring… Second Life is exciting…  Argentinean Pupito Helstein and Lakua Arriaga have fresh take on how they can meet fans and reach a larger audience.

The indie group is Engrama, which if I translate accurately is a spin on something that creates a memory. But, I may be losing something or missing the mark in the translation process. Whatever, you can find them in-world.

According to the events schedule there is a free concert May 11, Saturday, at 3:00 AM SLT. That is a little hard for USA West Coasters to make. The location is Lavender Island. There is a group joiner there.