Obduction Update

Obduction is the Cyan Worlds’ single player game currently in the Kickstarter process. The latest update on Kickstarter tells us that Cyan plans to place the game on Steam. If your supporting this project or just curious, jump over to steam and have look. If supporting the game, please take time to login or sign up and rate the project. It will help get work out. With 6 days left to funding, the project has funded US$869,605 of the $1,100,000 tar… Continue reading

Metareality: Weak Sauce

…n about Cyan, but no one in this discussion knows much, if anything, about Obduction. Obduction is based in the Unreal game engine and will have Oculus support. Obduction has funded and reached the first stretch goal. US$1,321,306. 52:15 SnapChat discussion starts. The big feature of SnapChat is that whatever you share only has limited life. You share it, it lasts for a limited time and disappears, meaning parents cannot track what is being shared… Continue reading

Oculus Rift & Cyan Worlds

…Oculus should provide an awesome immersive experience. I think supporting Obduction will indirectly provide support for the Oculus. If you feel this would be a fun thing, join in here: Obduction. Quoting from the project regarding the image above: So this fellow looks like he’s taken the long way around. He seems fairly at home in some vaguely familiar clothing, but also appears to have picked up a few trinkets along the way. Many of which were p… Continue reading

VR in Second Life

…a VR game, look for it on sale somewhere. Obduction Release July 2016 The Obduction game from Cyan Worlds is Oculus and, I think, Vive ready. It releases late this month. Cyan is known for being the first with new tech. So, I expect it to one of the more impressive games. Way back in the like the second-grade Cyan was releasing Myst and pushing the sale of CD drives… CD… not DVD. Now they may be the push for VR headsets. Almost the same day Obduc… Continue reading

Myst – New Game Coming

…Cyan Worlds the creators of Myst and Myst Online:Uru Live and the more recent Obuction are starting a new Kickstarter for a game named Firmament. Details here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-DpB7tXs4g I expect this to be another VR game as Obduction is. So, playable on a PC with an NVIDIA 10xx series or better and VR optional…. Continue reading

Firmament Kickstarter Tops Goal

…as the number one best seller until the Sims came out. They made a series of Myst sequel games. One is their Myst Online:Uru Live, which is still running and free to play. The most recent release is Obduction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wCPOTK587o Another amazing puzzle game is on the way. You can still get your copy of the game. Visit the Kickstarter to signup…. Continue reading

Myst-Uru 2014

…ak. Cyan Worlds, the owner of Uru, is busy with a new kickstarter project: Obduction. This seems to leave them little time for working on a mostly forgotten game. (iTune App Original Myst – Android Myst+/- – Myst via ScrummVM on Android) I am however looking forward to Obduction. The community has spent 6 years since the closing of Uru Live waiting for something to happen with the Myst series. Four of those years have been since the announcement t… Continue reading