Cyan Worlds Announces Kickstarter

Short work break for me. I came across this in my Google+. I had to say smething.

If you caught my articles on Cyan Wolrds and their Myst series, you know they have been talking about a kickstarter project. Well, it is here. Check out the Kickstarter page: Obduction. (That is not misspelled.)

At about the 2:15 time mark Rand Miller begins talking about the project.

The company is trying to raise US$1.1 million to make the project happen. This is a major test of the Myst fan base. For years we, the fan community, have argued about what would work and how easy or difficult it would be to fund a new Myst like game or version of Myst. The project will answer those questions.

The project has over taken the web site. Plus they have a web site up for the project:

There is a thread in the Myst Forum: Cyan Kickstarter Project Open: OBDUCTION

If you are a Myst fan, get the word around.

Back to work…

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