Flickr Sharing vs All Rights Reserved

Rights management is complicated. Photo sharing sites are by necessity complicated. has made it as easy as possible to share and manage rights. But, people still mess up, authors and consumers. Especially in an age where people are moving fast and using technology to speed things up.

Nal's Flickr Channel August 2016

Nal’s Flickr Channel August 2016

A point in debate is whether an image placed on Flickr and marked All Rights Reserved can be shared. That is a different question from WHETHER it should be shared.  Continue reading

Blog Headaches 2016

When I publish a post here, the site overloads in just seconds. Often before the WP editing page can update. Then users are quickly locked out as the site hits CPU, memory, and I/O use limits. The really annoying part is I too am locked out of WP Admin.

Ready For Battle

Ready For Battle

With PHP processes maxed out and being created faster than I can kill them, it’s a problem. The quick fix is to shut the site down. So, you see a page saying the site is temporarily closed. This is not a good option.  Continue reading

The Blog

Yesterday was hectic day for the management of this blog. Between noon and about 2 PM PT the hosting server was overloaded with requests. Memory and I/O maxed out preventing viewing or management of the blog.

The Looking Glass Sim

The Looking Glass Sim

So, new tools have been added and more IP addresses have been blocked. Unfortunately Go Daddy’s metrics tools do not provide the information needed to deal with an attack in real time. So, it is an arduous process of downloading and analyzing logs. But, with I/O maxed out one cannot download the logs…

Also, most of the standard ‘go-away’ tactics weren’t working. So, I had to learn new ways to regain control. So, when I am fighting off an attack you may see a B&W page announcing the site is down for maintenance. I may pretty the page up… or not. I can usually recover in a few minutes once I take the site down. So, if you see the page, check back in an hour or so.

I’ll be adding more tools so I can more quickly find the attack source and block it. Most of these attacks seem to be scrapping the site for content. Now that I’ve blocked image leeching, using my images by linking to this server, the images are being downloaded using up a LOT of bandwidth. I wouldn’t mind that much except like The Flash they try to grab everything at hyper-speed.

WordPress Annoyance

If you have found the new WordPress panel for editing URL/Links annoying join the crowd. Add your voice to the thread at: New WordPress URL Popup Causes More Work.

Annoying new popup url panel

Annoying new popup url panel

This change is a serious annoyance.

Lots of people do not want the links leading off site to replace their page with the destination page. I’m one of those. So, I have do a bunch of clicking to tell the link to open a new tab. It was bad enough with the previous panel/popup. Now it is way worse.

If you too are annoyed, please drop by the WP site (link above) and add your voice.

Google Forms and WordPress

From time to time I’ve wanted to collect information from readers. I have adopted and discarded various polling plugins. But, they keep changing and being a pain. So, seeing this come through my mail I thought I better take a look.

How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website

Elegant Themes has a tutorial out explaining how to add a Google Form to your blog. They do a good job. The result is pretty much point-click then post a block of text into your post. Easy.

They go on to explain how to use the resulting data collection.

For complex data collection I think this is a good solution. If you want to collect information from users check this out.

Site Changes

Let me know if you start having problems with this site. I have been upgrading the security. About 2 or 3 PM each day I see the site slammed by remote sites sucking gigabytes of content out of my site. I’m not sure why they would want it. Nor do I mind that they take it. I do mind that they overload the web server I use and make the site way slow. So, I come in each day and disconnect those that are behaving like bots… continuous dozens-of-requests per second.

On The Sunny Side of the Street

On The Sunny Side of the Street

I’ve been changing robots.txt and adding ‘slow down’ instructions for search engines. That helps with the big well mannered engines. But, not the problem bots that have been hitting.

I’ve been blocking the networks the most abusive bots use. But, doing that without restricting legitimate users is complicated. So, it isn’t a good solution. Neither is blocking individual IP addresses. The bad guys just change IP.

So, now I am trying some new software. It is in learning mode. So, I’m ‘completely’ sure what all it will decide to do.