Blog Headaches 2016

When I publish a post here, the site overloads in just seconds. Often before the WP editing page can update. Then users are quickly locked out as the site hits CPU, memory, and I/O use limits. The really annoying part is I too am locked out of WP Admin.

Ready For Battle

Ready For Battle

With PHP processes maxed out and being created faster than I can kill them, it’s a problem. The quick fix is to shut the site down. So, you see a page saying the site is temporarily closed. This is not a good option. 

For months I’ve been working on finding where the overload comes from. Today I got a new insight. The traps and trackers I have installed finally got me a glimpse of what is happening before they too were caught in the server overload. It’s the F N aggregators… the feeds.

There are about 55 feed aggregators that go into a feeding frenzy sucking my articles out for re-post to their sites. They attribute the posts to me, thanks. But, if you can read the whole article there, why would you click into my site? I suspect readers wouldn’t. So, I need to figure out how to handle the leeches and separate the good and bad feeders.

I also can implement caching to reduce the load on the server. Until know I haven’t had a reason to use a cache and deal with its setup and possible problems. Now I need to reduce server load and caching accomplishes that.

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