WordPress Annoyance

If you have found the new WordPress panel for editing URL/Links annoying join the crowd. Add your voice to the thread at: New WordPress URL Popup Causes More Work.

Annoying new popup url panel

Annoying new popup url panel

This change is a serious annoyance.

Lots of people do not want the links leading off site to replace their page with the destination page. I’m one of those. So, I have do a bunch of clicking to tell the link to open a new tab. It was bad enough with the previous panel/popup. Now it is way worse.

If you too are annoyed, please drop by the WP site (link above) and add your voice.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Annoyance

  1. Yes, I totally agree.
    It is annoying and more work.
    So I left a comment as well at the support page/
    Thnks for pointing it out to us/me.

    Yoon/ Rezatar.com

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