How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies


With the classic body we are forced into being symmetric, our left and right arms are the same. We got way from that with mesh bodies. Now we are going back. Pppphhhhhttttt!

OK… not all is lost. The BoM spec provides for asymmetric arms and legs… legs? Aren’t…? Never mind. The spec has:

  • LEFT_ARM_BAKED and LEFT_LEG_BAKED are intended to help with making mesh avatars where the left and right limbs have different textures.
  • The AUX channels are general purpose, and could be used for body regions not possessed by system avatars (such as wings) or for other purposes.

However, our current stuff is made without this feature in mind. So, how much stuff will work with it and how we use it is in a bit of a shambles.

Siddean’s solution to be more compatible with appliers is an Asymmetry Harness. You’ll find it in a folder named Slink – Physique Redux Original Asymmetry Harness. This harness listens for Slink appliers and does it best to get the asymmetric tattoo or whatever applied correctly. The HUD gives you control over the result.

As best I can tell the harness is the remodeled onion skin layer. It is now separate and can be worn only when needed. It adds 128KB of script and about 5k of ACI. The HUD adds 64KB of script.


This changes a bit. Previously you bought the Omega Kit (L$199), wore it and clicked to install it in the Slink body parts currently worn. From then on you just used your appliers.

Now you need to put on all your Slink body parts. Look in the folder Slink – Physique Redux Original Mesh Body Bundle. You will find an item labeled Slink Omega Bridge. Wear (add) it too. Now wear the Omega Kit and click it. It takes a minute to install the Omega stuff. The process is slower than the previous installs. So be patient.

According to the included notecard, one wears the Slink Omega Bridge and uses Omega appliers. BUT… these appliers cannot apply the diffuse layer, only the normal and specular layers. If your ‘applier item’ does not come with the layer for the classic/system body then you only see the effect from Spec and Norm mapping. The exception is your nails, which actually do work.

So far, I have only gotten nail polish appliers to work. My wet-body stuff and other skin modifiers fail.
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4 thoughts on “How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies

  1. I have MANY questions!! What happens to ALL the people that this ISN”T something they want to do? What about the people that DON’T want to have to upgrade AGAIN?! WE’ve already upgraded to MESH, at a ridiculous cost, and many haven’t even taken that step yet because it’s complicated, but at least they could stay in their original classic avatars! Waht happens NOW that they have to AGAIN upgrade to this new BoM avatar body, upgrade the viewer…… can the old mesh and classic bodies STILL be used/seen, or do we become obsolete and invisible?? I believe that SL will loose many in these new processes and ventures! Then again… it’s just a stupid game, right?

    • Silly person… The Lindens


      cripple legacy content.

      Everything you have now will continue to work.

      • True, they actually seem to cripple new content so that it doesn’t make legacy content obselete either. Sometimes, that new content comes with such ridiculous caveats that it’s not worth implementing over older content. Animesh for example has such an inflated Land Impact cost that it’s simply not worth deploying on land. That means it’s limited to avatars and… well, there are strict limits there too. Or forcing 1 bit alphas on textures increases the Land Impact cost of prims such that despite looking nicer, it ends up worse overall for building. I don’t even know what they were thinking with this change.

  2. Losing opacity adjustments on layers, losing alpha cuts, losing 10k worth of skins. All so you can pile up makeup and look like a Kardashian?

    Sure why not?

    Working with BOM is like working with paint roller instead of a fine brush. Programmers should not be allowed to make artistic decisions.

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