How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies

The New

Now the new stuff. To play with this you need to update to the latest LL SL Viewer. I don’t know of any 3rd-Party viewers that support BoM today. So, wearing BoM stuff is going to look odd and those without a BoM capable viewer will see you as an odd-looking avatar.

An included folder is, Slink – Avatar Enhancement Redux Dynamic Hands. This is the new BoM hands. There are a couple of notecards and a bunch of stuff.

Reading you will find out that you cannot use these Redux hands (or body, or feet) with the classic avatar body. This is because mixing classic and mesh targets for the bake service (what BoM is) gets tricky. Slink has apparently decided it is simpler just to avoid the mixing problems.

So… the first thing you must do is take off the alpha layers you wear on the classic body when wearing your Slink body. If you do not, BoM applies the alpha mask to the new Slink BoM body parts and everything is invisible. More about this later, but you start to see the mixing problem.

There is a new HUD for hands and feet. This HUD provides the ‘Materials’ features I was curious about. BoM is NOT going to handle materials. It never has. I doubt it ever will because of the complexity of knowing how to mix tattoo, underwear, and clothes materials to get the correct result. So, materials may remain as a set of manual user controls forever. Or… somebody may figure out a foolproof way for the bake service to handle it… IMO unlikely.

There is a folder, Slink – Avatar Enhancement Redux Deluxe Feet. It, of course, has the Redux feet. The HUD is the same as the hands HUD, as I would expect since they are both Hands & Feet HUDs. The included feet are the Deluxe version having 5-foot shapes, flat to high.

And of course, there is the Slink body in the folder Slink – Physique Redux Original Mesh Body. It has the body, HUD with controls for body, feet, and hands, and nail color.

There is a second body in the stuff I got in a folder Slink – Physique Redux Original Mesh Body Bundle. This is mostly the same as the previous body except the body, feet, and hands use only ONE ATTACHMENT POINT. The body, feet, and hands are a single attachment. This frees up 3 attachment points.

One of the first things I was curious about is how the blouse or lingerie and panties fit on this new body. On the current body, a blouse will stretch between the breasts provided you place it on the underwear or clothes layer. On the classic avatar, all the layers are like painted on the skin layer.

With the new BoM body, we have sort of the same situation as the classic body. Slink has used the normal map to sort of fake cloth stretching between the breasts. Notice the control in the HUD labeled Shirt Stretch. I think this is a REALLY WEAK replacement for the nice onion skin layers that allowed a much better look.

The problem is all the area between the breasts is lifted up to try to simulate cloth stretching between the breasts, clothes, and skin. :/ I suspect most of us will see this as a small problem. Most of my sexy swimsuits are mesh attachments, not appliers or classic clothes. But it means some applier layer clothes will not look as good.

You can see the problem in the video when the Shirt Stretch and Smooth Panties are demonstrated. (below)

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2 thoughts on “How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies

  1. I have MANY questions!! What happens to ALL the people that this ISN”T something they want to do? What about the people that DON’T want to have to upgrade AGAIN?! WE’ve already upgraded to MESH, at a ridiculous cost, and many haven’t even taken that step yet because it’s complicated, but at least they could stay in their original classic avatars! Waht happens NOW that they have to AGAIN upgrade to this new BoM avatar body, upgrade the viewer…… can the old mesh and classic bodies STILL be used/seen, or do we become obsolete and invisible?? I believe that SL will loose many in these new processes and ventures! Then again… it’s just a stupid game, right?

    • Silly person… The Lindens


      cripple legacy content.

      Everything you have now will continue to work.

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