How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies

Monday Slink began releasing their BoM items. People were getting messages/notecards about how to update some of the Slink stuff they owned. People were posting in the Slink Classy Gear group with questions about the notice they got and others were like ‘whaaa?’ me being one…

So, I asked if they were releasing their BoM updates and was told yes but not yet official. Since I am kinda known at Slink as a blogger that likes Slink Stuff and have bought a bunch and use the Dev-Kit for some stuff I make… I quickly got three update packages.

How can you say…

How can you say…

I strongly suggest you NOT delete ANY of your existing Slink stuff. There is some of the animation stuff that is not included in this new package and maybe some other stuff. I think it is the animation HUD for hands that I did not see in the new stuff.

As of Tuesday, Slink put up a Slink Redux FAQ page on their Slink Style web page. This should answer most of your questions.

This update is labeled Redux v4.0.0. The first bundle in the pack is the Slink Physique Original Bundle. When unpacked it drops 9 folders into your inventory. One is titled Slink – Physique Classic Mesh Body Original. In it is a notecard saying,

“To access the previous versions of the Slink Physique Body parts, wear and unpack the “Slink Physique Hourglass Bundle (Classic)” unpacker HUD in this folder.”

Translated, here Siddean Munro is using “classic” in a way I suspect will be confusing. I would write it Classic Physique… But you get the idea Siddean means the current onion skin Physique body v3.0.8. To continue…

You will receive a number of properly named folders with the items inside.

These body parts use appliers exclusively, and will not be updated to Bakes on Mesh.

They will be available until the 1st of September, 2020, in this unpacker to allow you plenty of time to make the transition to Bakes on Mesh.

We recommend updating your outfits and folders to use the REDUX version as soon as possible.”

OK, neat. No forced conversion. The available until 2020 means sales and support will end then. The body and parts will continue to work after that date. This is all about the latest version of the body we have been using.

Also, this update updates us all (some limts) to the DELUXE version of the hands and feet. Awesome.

This is the last update to the current ‘Classic’ Physique onion skin body.

If you are wondering if you get an upgrade or need to buy one, consider this from the FAQ page.

If you own hands, deluxe feet or 4 or more of the single feet, and any of the bodies, you can request a like-for-like upgrade to a bundle, by sending a message with your avatar name and a list of the Slink body part items you own inworld to Slink Resident. You will receive a bundle that contains the same body that you own. There are advantages to the bundles that weren’t included in the separate packs that are worth converting for! An all in one attachment for body, hands and feet being one of them.

IM Link to Slink Resident

More pages. Links below…

4 thoughts on “How to Use BoM with New Slink Bodies

  1. I have MANY questions!! What happens to ALL the people that this ISN”T something they want to do? What about the people that DON’T want to have to upgrade AGAIN?! WE’ve already upgraded to MESH, at a ridiculous cost, and many haven’t even taken that step yet because it’s complicated, but at least they could stay in their original classic avatars! Waht happens NOW that they have to AGAIN upgrade to this new BoM avatar body, upgrade the viewer…… can the old mesh and classic bodies STILL be used/seen, or do we become obsolete and invisible?? I believe that SL will loose many in these new processes and ventures! Then again… it’s just a stupid game, right?

    • Silly person… The Lindens


      cripple legacy content.

      Everything you have now will continue to work.

      • True, they actually seem to cripple new content so that it doesn’t make legacy content obselete either. Sometimes, that new content comes with such ridiculous caveats that it’s not worth implementing over older content. Animesh for example has such an inflated Land Impact cost that it’s simply not worth deploying on land. That means it’s limited to avatars and… well, there are strict limits there too. Or forcing 1 bit alphas on textures increases the Land Impact cost of prims such that despite looking nicer, it ends up worse overall for building. I don’t even know what they were thinking with this change.

  2. Losing opacity adjustments on layers, losing alpha cuts, losing 10k worth of skins. All so you can pile up makeup and look like a Kardashian?

    Sure why not?

    Working with BOM is like working with paint roller instead of a fine brush. Programmers should not be allowed to make artistic decisions.

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