Google+ Gone … to MeWe?

You probably know Google+ is gone, closed, poof… It didn’t work out for Google. So, the Second Life™ community using Google+ needs a new home. Daniel Voyager is suggesting There is the website for the desktop and a mobile app.

It is sort of free… they want your whole list of email contacts. You have to know servers cost money. So, a free service to you typically means YOU are the commodity being sold. Well, you and your friends. Thus, the nag to upload your contact list.


They have my email as part of the signup process. But, I’m not giving them my friends email addresses.

I’m not sure how much I’ll use MeWe. I’ll play with it for a time and see if it helps my blog or I find some handy feature.

Or… it might just be they think all those contacts are needed to get you working on MeWe. It’s like, what is Facebook if you have no Friends? Boring! So, they try to hook you up. But, then how do they make their money? The MeWe store isn’t going to cut it, IMO.

MeWe users can buy additional features and functionality. Your account comes with 8GB of cloud storage for photos and videos. Buy more for $5 per month to get 50GB. Or $1 per month to get “secret chats.” Pay $1 for custom emojis. There are a few other silly things.

MeWe is very Facebook-like. It is a little slicker and easier to use. They have no doubt learned from having used FB. But, Google with their huge bankroll gave up competing with FB, thus no more Google+. I suppose they are having a used computer sale…

So, what is MeWe’s chances of survival? Read Venture Beat’s article on that. Launched in 2016 they have been growing. The Cambridge Analytical scandal drove a lot of people out of Facebook. MeWe is said to have grown by 40% during that time. Bringing them to about 2 million 4+ million users and growing.

There is the political angle too. Facebook is facing heavy criticism for their liberal prejudices and algorithms that filter political content. (Ref, Ref) Anyone even close to a window in the echo chamber knows FB management and staff is intolerant and anti-diversity of non-Leftist information. Toe the party line or shut up is the basic plan.

MeWe is claiming they will not be implementing Facebook-style filtering and de-boosting algorithms. If true this will be the ideal social network for the Democrat millennials going #WalkAway (video interview with founder) and #RedPill (no good links – too many non#RedPill posts to find the actual #RedPill videos). For those thinking #WalkAway isn’t real MeWe would be a place to challenge their ideas. Something you can’t do on FB… which isn’t all to be blamed on FB. Most Liberals can’t handle having their thinking challenged and will de-friend if you question those ideas, especially when you are successful. Liberal intolerance drives people to places of free speech.

So, if you want freedom and some measure of privacy and security, MeWe is the better choice.

If you check it out, friend me baby 🙂 My MeWe

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  1. MeWe has grown to 4 million + according to Techaeris (

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