Second Life News 2018 w48

I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Love pumpkin pie…


This is the second week in a row that there has been no Deploys post. My home region in the main channel did not get a restart today.

What No

What No

According to Simon Linden there are no rolls to the RC’s coming this week. But he thinks there will be next week. So, we might get one more a main channel update before Christmas.

The Snack channel was updated with a new EEP version.


The main viewer is version We changed to this version in week #46.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Last updated in week #37.

Second Life EAM Viewer version – Moved from Project Viewer to this RC in week #40.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – New this week. A previous update in week #46.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Updated last week, #47.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #44.

Second Life Project EEP Viewer version – New this week. The previous update in week #47. This viewer branch has updated two weeks in a row.

We have not seen much change this past week. Because of the holiday, the Lab has held off changes and updates that could affect grid performance. This is referred to as ‘No Change Windows’. We should see changes pop again for the next couple of weeks. Then Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays will bring us another No Change Window.

Rider Linden is finishing up EEP script functions. Currently finishing llSetAgentEnvironment() on the server side. Next is doing the viewer side.

Other Viewers

Apparently, Turkey meals do not inspire programming. Not any news here either.

Firestorm has had a couple of problems that have held an update back. Word is those have been resolved and they are moving ahead now. Still no ETA.

Other News Bits 2018 w47-48

This is the second week of the Winter Swaginator Hunt. You do have to search for these gifts.

Warning. This week’s location does not allow you to double-click to teleport. When you do you TP back to the region’s landing point. :/  You can, however, fly. The region is surprisingly laggy… or maybe it is just me today.

It is a cute region. Nothing to do there… really…

I’m not sure what the ‘cove’ reference in the hint is about. The gift is on the other side of the tracks. The trollies aren’t running.

Ryan Schultz – Ryan covers Second Life and Sansar with his blogging. I often link to his Steals, Deals & Freebies for SL.

Ryan is adding a Discord channel for his readers. See: New Discord Server.

Bug-216320 – Fixed. For those that use the Linden API’s to gather data about SL, this bug has been fixed. This bug popped up in June this year. My Concurrent User stats tracker stopped working. Now my HTTP calls to the SL API Stats has started working and I have stats. No more 499 errors. Not sure exactly when it started working. But I’ll have stats for November.

SL Economic Survey – Daniel Voyager has an article, Virtual World Economic Situation Survey. After you take the survey you will see a link to show the results, See Previous Responses. So far, they are about what I expected.

Other Bits

Awesome RL PicturesWinners of Panoramic Photo Contest.

Renewable Energy – Can we achieve 100% energy from renewable sources? Is there a difference between ‘renewable’ and ‘clean’ energy? See 100% Renewable Deception to know what is real and what is a train-to-nowhere plan to help political sycophants.

Cost of Renewable + Batteries – See The cost of wind & solar power: batteries included, if from the previous article you are wondering what all those batteries will cost…

Is Wind all that CLEAN? – See Will Wind Turbines Ever Be Safe For Birds?

Fusion Energy – It is on the near horizon. Lockheed-Martin has applied for a patent and plans to power Navy ships by 2023 and in 20 years aircraft. See: Harnessing the power of the stars. This is clean energy. It has the potential to build a Star-Trek-like world lifting billions out of poverty. However, as this tech goes into service you will see the greens try to stop it.

Calories – Now here is an alternative energy source… Average max calories in a Thanksgiving dinner… 4,500. (Ref 2012) Typical intake averages 3,000. (Ref) No one is clear whether that is for just the main meal or the day… But, it way more than enough for the DAY.

Six ounces of turkey is like 300 calories. Six ounces of chocolate is about 900. So… cut out the turkey, chocolate is the obvious choice.

VR Headset Deals – Prices are slowly coming down. Check Road to VR’s article Windows VR Headset Prices Hit Rock Bottom Over Black Friday.

Temi – A personal robot now on sale. US$1,500.

Truly Interesting VR – This is novel and interesting. Watch RL Dart Pros Try Their Hand At VR Darts.

What I think this video shows is that VR hand controls need to improve… be more realistic. A world champion RL dart thrower that can’t throw a VR dart suggests an equipment/interface problem.

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