Second Life News 2018 w25


The main channel gets the package # running on the RC channels last week, which has;

  • Additional work to support localized Abuse Report categories
  • Shaved a few nanoseconds off a check for each object update, as part of ongoing performance improvements
  • Stopped logging a trivial message
  • Internal fixes
Keep calm and dance in the rain

Keep calm and dance in the rain

Wednesday the RC channel Blue Steel gets version # This is the Animesh version previously running in ADITI.

  • Animesh Support!
  • Find the latest Animesh Viewer here.

The server-side code has been running for sometime and according to Lindens is stable. However, the viewer is a project viewer. A couple of issues remain. When those get fixed we’ll likely see the viewer move to RC status.

Once the viewer goes to RC then third-party viewers can release their version of the Animesh Viewer. This may be the feature holding back a release of the next Firestorm Viewer. But, I’m guessing.

You’ll likely find some third-party viewers already have Animesh support. Technically those are ‘experimental’ versions. Main versions are supposed to wait for the Linden RC release. But, what fun is that?

The Le Tigre and Magnum RC channels get version # This update includes the ever-exciting Internal Fixes and Logging Improvements. Simon Linden tells us most of these changes are for collecting information on region crossings.


The Main viewer for SL is version The Unloop viewer is still around. It apparently is only for those people with 32-bit systems burnt by the 5.1.5 release so they could recover.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is an update of a previous version of the same RC released in week #23. Code name: Pálinka. The release notes are here. There are a bunch of fixes, over two dozen.

Second Life Unloop Viewer version – Released week #24.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – This is an update of the previous version released in week #16. This viewer can be used and will handle the Animesh in Blue Steel regions.

If you make animesh while in Blue Steel and then take it to region outside the channel, you will get script errors. Only Blue Steel regions know about the new LSL functions for Animesh. When animesh items are returned to Blue Steel the scripts will have to be restarted.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – This also is a new version this week. The previous version was released in week #14.

There is news that a new Voice RC version is coming. Oz Linden has new code from Vivox. So, soon a new voice maintenance update will be out.

Other News

Yes… there is. But, I’m rushing. So that’s all for now.

One thought on “Second Life News 2018 w25

  1. “You’ll likely find some third-party viewers already have Animesh support. Technically those are ‘experimental’ versions. Main versions are supposed to wait for the Linden RC release. But, what fun is that ?”

    This is not *at all* a question of “fun”, but just a very practical issue.

    The first Cool VL Viewer version with Animesh support was v1.26.21.0 (an experimental branch opened especially for Animesh), released on 2017-10-21. I maintained in parallel both the release, v1.26.20 branch and the experimental (Animesh) branch for 6 months, but during this (very long) delay, more stuff went into the experimental branch, and especially new libraries (LL had changed theirs, and their Linux build system, and so I did for the experimental branch) and even more important, Dullahan, that replaced the unmaintained and aging (and buggy) llceflib built-in browser plugin (Dullahan also needs the new libraries). So, in the end, and to keep up with LL’s viewer-release that adopted Dullahan, I had to make a decision, and I finally promoted my experimental branch (with Animesh) to the new release branch v1.26.22 (beside, I had ample time to test wether the Animesh code had any negative impact or not on the viewer stability, and to fix all the bugs I could find); I made this move on 2018-04-01 only.

    You see, unlike LL, we (TPV teams) do not have a dozen Lindens working full time to release a dozen viewer branches, and we must go with our limited resources… And for the Cool VL Viewer the developers team is… just me !

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