Second Life Content Creation 2017 w37

I’ll use Medhue’s video again this week. Busy with other stuff and missed the meeting.

Medhue apparently missed the first 8 minutes or so.


00:30 – Server-Side Baking update. Presently in QA and impact analysis.

01:15 – Inverse kinematics… not currently in the works.

01:40 – Is animesh alignment prim oriented… Is pelvis or root the alignment point… yadda yadda… still working on getting something that works. More derail in the video but nothing useable.

03:15 – Is animesh building size being increased? No. Will consider after project viewer is out.

04:10 – Will imposture size increase? Is this about animation as related to imposture avatar? Vir Linden has yet to look at fixing that.

05:00 – Request for more info on animation lister… There is a function that returns a list of the animations being played by a prim.

06:00 – Talk about updating inventory… Vir, good idea but not part of Animesh project.

10:15 – Alexa Linden on pathfinding. She has some demos from her testing.

More bears skating here. More dancing bears here.

13:30 – When will we be able to test with 30 avatars in a region? Not until we have a test viewer and some test regions set up.

Vir talking about constraints and load relating to animesh. No solid information yet.

The information we have now is animesh is not going to be a heavy load. And what load there is is mostly on the viewer side.

17:15 – Impostor behavior for animesh – Vir says it is currently treated very much like an avatar. They won’t look at it much before release of the Project Viewer.

19:45 – Griefing concern –  idea got lost.

21:30 – Where is docs? Not written yet. Waiting on project viewer.

23:00 – Discussion about attachments for animesh.

24:30 – There will most likely be a follow-on Animesh project. It will be about adding more NPC help and features.

26:45 – More UG meetings. No… it will change over time. But, separate topics at this point is more a problem than help.

27:50 – How far are we from texture baking viewer. The server side is in sight. The viewer side has undecided facets. So, no ETA.

31:00 EEP Update – Rider has a new viewer that almost works with EEP. First thing out will be settings objects. Then later we will see settings become script controlled.

32:30 – Limit to how many animesh attachments? Yes, TBD.

34:00 – Will users be able to change the orientation of Animesh’s armature? Vir says conceivably, is planning to have a reasonable default behavior the user can edit.

36:40 – Where did the number 41 come from for the number of attachments? Vir says that may not be the right number, but whatever the number it came from the days of the single-attachment-attachment points… when we could only have one attachment per attachment point.

The number of attachment points used to be 38 (Limits). While there are now more attachment points, the limit was set to 38. The Wiki’s Limits page has not been updated to show the current number of attachment points available.

The Wiki’s programming reference lists 47 attachment points in describing the use of the llAttachToAvatar function.

The attachment limit is not likely to change. But, there will likely be a limit on the number of animesh items you can attach.

38:40 – Having multiple UV Maps for mesh… The idea is mesh body people could use the high-quality UV Map they have which they do not release to creators. Forcing most to use the SL UV Maps, that sort of suck.

43:35 – Alpha layer rendering problems from multiple layer meshes… The bake pipeline will hopefully reduce the problems.

46:00 – ETA on Animesh Project Viewer – ASAP.

47:15 – There will be adult Animesh test regions.


Sounds like we are moving along. Alexa’s testing is interesting. It looks like animesh will be a far lighter render load then I was expecting.

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