Second Life News 2017 w29

There was a restart this Tuesday morning. My region restarted about 3 AM SLT. The Grid Status report shows restarts running from 3 AM to 9:19 AM.

Mystical Fae Forest

Mystical Fae Forest

The main grid channel is running # This change is the Operating System update for the servers. The Lindens say there are no changes to the simulator software in this update. It has taken some work to get the simulators working with this update. The only problem I know about is the broken song boards. It is to do with how HTTP requests are formatted.

So, most of us won’t be dealing with the change.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre are to be running # The change is listed as Internal Changes.

Magnum will run # Another set of internal changes.

According to Whirly, the roll to the main channel is the DJ Song Board issue. Apparently, the big providers of DJ Song Boards have made their updates and their boards will continue to work. The number of items breaking is expected to be small.


The main viewer is No change. I’m not running this version. I run the RC Alex Ivy.

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change. I like this version. I have fewer problems with it than I do with the Firestorm viewer. There are better features in Firestorm, but I do see crashes and render issues that I don’t see in the Linden viewer.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new version. Last week it was build Code named Margarita, it carries about 18 nice fixes and improvements. Release Notes.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No change.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No change.

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