Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 2017 w27

The crowd at the Content Creation UG meeting is growing. I think that is mostly due to Medhue live-streaming the meetings.

These meetings are somewhat just small updates on the week-to-week progress the Lindens are making on Server-Side Baking and animated mesh objects, animesh. While there isn’t much new, we are learning more about animesh.

Vir Linden and crew are figuring out how to make animesh work. Group participants are thinking more about how they would like it to work. So, on both sides, the plan is getting more sophisticated. The meetings are interesting.

This week’s video runs about 1hr 8 minutes. I couldn’t hang out after the meeting. But the post-meeting can last an hour. It might go longer, but the Server Beta meeting starts and hour after, so several people leave to make that meeting.


00:00 – Some audio problems for Vir. He comes in about 5 min in.

05:00 – Hellos and comments on the new Bento avatars added for new signups.

07:00 – Vir talking about CC UG not being the place for discussing policy regarding copybot viewers and content theft. Technical aspects and bugs that allow theft are fine.

I suppose Vir didn’t want a repeat of last week.

07:40 – Continuing to work on the Server-Side Baking and animated mesh stuff …animesh. Current work is on getting things working so attached mesh/prims can request individual animation and work correctly.

08:15 – How to animate things so a horse rider’s butt stays in the saddle?

Vir tells us that when an avatar sits it becomes a child object of whatever it sits on. Teager would like to see something in the animesh that the avatar would sit on so the avatar would be in a known place.

Vir points out one of the complications is have an avatar sit on an animesh and having an animesh attach to an avatar.

13:00 – Most requests are for attaching pets. The idea is to be able to teleport with the pet.

15:40 – Existing system for cars and other things avatars sit and move from region to region.

16:50 – Describing keeping a but in a saddle.

22:30 – Caching or preloading animations. Something like preloading sounds.

25:40 – Will animesh use the same skeleton as the avatar, Bento? Yes, won’t do everything but, will have the full set of bones.

28:00 – Impostor clipping. A known problem. Somewhere in the video, I zoom in an out on Inara and her horse to show the clipping.

28:50 – Mesh return swapping LSL function… we think Vincent means asset swapping, mesh UUID swapping. Vir isn’t going to open that can of worms.

30:00 – Where mesh assets need to be stored… to be able to be played? Mmmmm… rewarding, where do we put the animations so a script can play them? Vir says animesh will be like it is with other attachments now. We put animations and scripts in the attachments.

Discussion on how it is different from AO’s.

Medhue points out how Pathfinding animates ‘things’ similar to how an AO works.

34:00 – Vir talks about adding more NPC functions after animesh is released and working. I suspect just as mesh got enhancements after release, so will animesh.

35:30 – Convert testing code to finished code for the user base to use. An example code thing…

41:00 – The Lab wants users to develop experiences. The Lab has developed some experiences. Why isn’t the code for those games available for users to build on?

Discussion on Experiences.

47:00 – Vir thinks we need a shared code repository… We have various script libraries.

50:10 – Will script size be increased? Vir isn’t sure.

53:00 – When will animesh viewer be out? Vir isn’t at a place in the development where he can guess.

59:00 – Talking about no copy bugs that allow copying.

Finishes off with random discussions…

1:08:00± End

2 thoughts on “Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 2017 w27

  1. At 17:00 min in, they are talking about animating multiple mesh, as with a character riding a mesh avatar or npc. Personally, I have no idea why this is an issue. You animate them both exactly the same, with exactly the same amount of frames and fps. Yes, if you just run and never stop running, eventually something will happen that makes both animations not synced. Who just keeps running like that tho. If the animation get out of sync at all, you just need to stop running, and start again, and the animations will reset. I don’t even understand how the people talking about this expect to make that interaction better. The only way would be to make the 2 skeletons 1.

    • Thanks for saying… I haven’t worked with sync’d animations… used them, not made them. So, I don’t know how hard it is or isn’t. I have noticed I seldom get out of sync.

      If we get an LSL function to preload animations, I think animations would be easier to sync.

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