Second Life: Bento Add-on Problems

While I am happy with my new Slink Dynamic Hands and the add-on Stiletto Nails, Strawberry Singh is pointing out that not all add-ons work with all mesh body parts. See her article: Cutie Loot March 2017 Unboxing Video. She is working to keep people honestly informed about the products she reviews.

That all this new Bento stuff doesn’t work together is no surprise to me. I was expecting problems, especially for facial animations. Strawberry ran into the problems with Catya’s Bento Bubblegum. Catya, to their credit, tells you the gum is designed to work with a specific Catwa head, not all Catwa heads.

Bento Heads are going to be a problem. Trying a demo before buying any Bento product or add-on is very important, especially animations.

The Bento heads have a load of new bones. Each of those ‘head’ bones is rigged and weighted to some part of the head’s skin. So, it isn’t surprising that each developer will do things differently… even the same developer trying to make their products as similar as possible will likely not be able to achieve full compatibility.

This means add-on and animations for different heads, even in the same brand, will likely have to be tweaked. A great looking smile animation for one head is likely to look odd when run while wearing another head. So, I expect to see a lot of …for specific brand and model only… notes on Bento products.

There are some conversations in the user groups about how to minimize these problems. But, it may be awhile before things get ironed out, if they do.

So, be careful. Try a demo before you buy.

Hopefully, we will see some people using Advanced Experience Tools (AET) to make some nicer demo tools. I really don’t want to see more animation demos that work like dance demos… the ones where they put 10 to 50 animations in a pose stand and you click through them. Tedious.

3 thoughts on “Second Life: Bento Add-on Problems

  1. I wonder if I’m just a reactionary, but I really dislike Bento heads. No matter how the animations are tweaked, avatars whose faces keep changing look demented to me, not the least bit natural. Kind of like wooden marionette faces.

    • There is a creep-factor… Eventually some animators will make some natural life animations.

      The majority of users use photos. Fashion people for sure. The expression “changing’ is eliminated in a still photo. So, for most purposes it is an improvement.

      The wooden marionette looks sounds more like pre-Bento mesh heads. With Bento the expression change should be much more like the Classic heads morph animations. So, what you are disliking may not be Bento.

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