Slink: The Bento Hands are Here

And wow… it is an update… no additional cost… WOW!

To get yours visit the slink main store and find a REDELEVERY terminal. Have the system redeliver the hands you previously purchased. Take them home and figure them out… J

If you purchased the multi-pack hands you get all the new Bento stuff. If you purchased a smaller pack or a single hand pose… you get less stuff. See the Slink Dynamic Hands (aka Project Bento comes to Slink) article in the Slink web site for more precise details. Or just get your update and open it.

These hands are reported to best fit the Physique body. I have no idea what this means for Hourglass body users. I assume they’ll still fit correctly but, they may need some tweaking with the Hand HUD. The hands can be fit to other bodies and the classic body. You will need to use the Hand HUD included to adjust the fit.

The TL:DR version of the instructions are:

  • Wear your Slink Body
  • Wear your Slink Body HUD*
  • Wear the new: Slink Hands – Dynamic Female L (and R)
  • Apply your Skin
  • Done

I am assuming you know to use the alphas… that is part of wearing the body.

*Use the latest body and HUD.

These hands now work with the v3.01 HUD’s Effects, Sheen, and Droplets.

I expect to see the feet update relatively soon. They will mostly just get the Effects, Sheen, and Droplets. There are a couple of new bones in the feet. But, if one can wiggle their toes while wearing shoes, either the shoes have to update or our toes will poke out. So, I’m not expecting the feet to animate like the hands. That would force me to upgrade shoes, provided the cobbler was making updates.

I am curious if the feet as Flat, Bunny, Mid, and High will get folded into one foot and a HUD will let us change between foot positions… I’m not sure it matters.

Slink Dynamic-Bento Hands HUD

Some Specs

Slink Dynamic-Bento Hands Update Package

Wearing the hands adds 5k to the ACI, according to my Firestorm Wearing the static hands adds 4.2k. The Dynamic Hands add very little more than the static hands, 0.8k.

Our next challenge is the script and memory load.

  • Static Hands: Total Scripts: 36 – Total Memory: 2016k
  • Dynamic Hands: Total Scripts: 43 – Total Memory: 2464k

The Dynamic Hands add 7 scripts and 448KB of memory. I don’t see this is overly heavy. Especially not if one compares it to Xcite! parts.

Looking at the HUD’s I find:

  • 1 Dynamic Hands, v3.01 Body, v3.2 Feet, v3.01 Body HUD, and v1.1 Static Pose HUD
    Total Scripts: 50 – Total Memory: 2912k
  • Removing the v1.1 Static Pose HUD
    Total Scripts: 48 – Total Memory: 2784k – Saves 2 scripts & 128KB
  • Also removing the v3.01 Body HUD
    Total Scripts: 43 – Total Memory: 2464k – Saves another 5 scripts & 320KB

I have no idea when the Slink heads will update. I do think I’ll wait for a Slink head… or… Maitreya is very tempting. I hope to have a Physique body kit in another week or so. If not, I may get a Maitreya body so I can continue my mesh clothes making tutorials.


I have the Omega Kit installed. So, when adding the Stiletto Nails the system tells me I have to run the Omega installer again. So, I wear it, click it, take it off. Done.

The videos show the nail and hand HUD’s in action.


Now I have to go play with myself… MY HANDS… play with my hands.

PS: The Omega Kit has allowed me to use a bunch of stuff with my Slink body, hands, and feet.

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