Second Life: Content Creation 2017 w09

This week I actually got everything working and captured the meeting on video. Next week there is no CCUG meeting.

I sped up the video to cut the run time from an hour and a half to about an hour. About the only noticeable change is people’s voice pitch goes up.


The additional assets via HTTP viewer is in the pipeline. The server changes are running on ADITI (preview grid) now. As well as the new server OS versions. We can expect both of these to show up ‘soon’. 

2:05 – The rendering cost calculations are being looked at. For now the Lindens are in the ‘data collection’ stage. They are gathering stats from viewers running on various hardware on the rendering cost of various items in Second Life. That information will be used to improve the accuracy of the calculations… Vir Linden explains they are working on improving the cost calc on rigged mesh, said another way I would say, avatar attachments.

4:00 – Discussion on the cost of rendering transparent rigged mesh.

6:00 – Whirly’s new look… Whirly always has new looks. I believe she is one of most interesting people wearing exotic looks.

7:30 – Mention of AvaStar RC versions and expected final release.

9:00 – Discussion of Jump and landing animations not playing. They definitely cannot be ‘looped’ animations.

11:50 – Whirly sit on Inara’s head…

12:56 – This viewer and OBS aren’t playing nice. I can’t take a snapshot.

14:45 – Discussion on being able to call animations and play using UUID from within a script.

17:10 – Krisie Snowdrop is singing somewhere and I can’t go.

19:00 – Discussion body scale slider and neck fit to classic or mesh head.

22:00 – Troy talking about script priority problem. Related to getting stuck in an animation when jumping. BUG-7488.

34:00 – Discussing moving Bento Avatar files to where people can find them.

40:25 – Mention of Wiki editing lockdown and how to get edit access.

44:00 – Clean screen image.

45:00 – More discussion on ‘body fat’ slider not affecting head or neck. However, there is a slider for the neck size.

49:00 – Updates us on the open source .anim exporter for Maya while Vir researches neck thing. There is an update for Mayastar that will release in a couple of weeks. There is a new program for Maya that adds voice control for Maya. Named: Genie Voice Command for Maya it has 5,000 voice commands. It can cut your development time in Maya by half. See the demo at:

54:00 – Discussion returns to neck-head sliders

57:00 – Discussion on…. Shape masks… ?morphs? whatever, not likely to happen.

59:00 – Mention of Lab discussion allowing Animation Override extensions.

1:00:00 – Bone translations…


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