Second Life: Stockings – Classic & Slink

Making stockings for the Classic and Slink legs has some challenges. One is understanding how to get a straight edge at the top of the stocking. I’ll explain some of the oddities between Second Life™, Photoshop, Blender, Classic and Slink.

Classic UV Map: Slink and Classic

The frustrating oddity is dealing with avatar templates. Slink and Classic are not compatible, close but a problem.

In the image, look in the ‘A’ section, there is a copy of one of the Robin Woods templates made for the Classic Avatar. I’ve used Photoshop 3D to paint some lines on it.

If you have drawn a straight line across the 2D template assuming it will appear straight on the avatar, think again. I knew it wouldn’t work as I’ve experimented before.

I’ve sort of done the drawing backward. Using Photoshop CC 2017 I made a model from the Linden avatar files. I drew straight lines on the 3D model. See section ‘B’ of the image. You’ll see the black, red, and purple lines in ‘B’. Those lines appear in the 2D diffuse texture in ‘A’. Not straight. Can you see the problem?

In sections ‘C’ and ‘D’ I’ve taken the texture shown in ‘A’ into Second Life and made an underwear layer for the Classic body and an applier for the Slink Physique body. ‘C’ is the Slink body and ‘D’ the classic.

You’ll notice that none of the lines provide a straight line in ‘C’, the Slink body. The inside of the thighs is especially annoying. The classic body works much better. There is some variation but the lines are reasonably straight on the classic body. Some of the divergence form straight is caused by the viewing angle as the avatar model I used is not smoothed.

The result of this is that if I prepare a texture on the SL classic avatar model in Photoshop, it is going to be close enough for the classic body.

But, using the Classic templates (UV Maps) to make things for the Slink body is a PAIN and produces poor results. While Slink people recommended I use the Classic templates when making ‘applied textures’, that has been a waste of time. I’ve had more problems and trial and error fails than I want to talk about.

Classic UV Map in Blender

Using Blender produces the same results as Photoshop. The image shows the same copy of my modified Robin’s template used as the model texture. The ‘black’ line is ‘cyan’ as a guide is hiding it. The arrows point to the lines I added.

Fortunately, Slink makes a Mesh Body Kit. You can’t ask for all the kits in one application, or so I am learning. So, it takes some time to get them. I’m still trying to get the body kit. May be this is why fewer people seem to be making clothes and appliers for Slink.

The Slink peeps say in the body kit there is a UV Map, model, weights… all the stuff that will help those making mesh clothes for Slink bodies.

I think the Slink Body UV should be included in the Applier kit. To make stockings I’ll need those.

While Blender 3D and modeling is easier for me, Photoshop has more painting tools I know how to use. So, I suppose I’ll be using both… when I get the next kit… May be I look into Maitreya while I wait.

PS: If you are looking for Robin’s templates they are here.

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