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It still isn’t open – 3/3 @ 11 AM SLT/PT.

Update – As many of you have noticed, the Community migration is taking a bit longer than planned. As you might imagine there’s a lot of complexity in the structure; and because we strive to preserve all of the KB, Blogs, Forums, Answers etc as they were, we’re being extra careful in verifying everything is in order. Linden Lab is actively engaged with the new provider to get the new site up and running as soon as possible. We know it’s a frustrating wait, and appreciate your patience during this disruption.
Mar 2, 14:58 PST

Hopefully they didn’t hire the same people that built the Obama-care sites. Since it is behind schedule, I would assume someone will be working on it this weekend. But, I doubt it will be open before Monday… if then.

Everheart 4

Everheart 4

Uber Event

The crowd at Uber (Maps URL) is thinning out. Today at 11:00 AM SLT/PT, there were only 30 people there. So, it is much easier to get in.

Kinky Event

There is a link on Mesh Body Addicts’ Weekly finds that purports to be to the event. But, it takes me to an empty deserted desert.

There is a Facebook Kinky Monthly page for the event. They have a link that takes me to Delmars (region) and plops me at the Ducknipple Store. :/ The location beacon from the LM appears about 100m to the south. I don’t see anything at the beacon location that refers to the event. But, there are some nice shops there.

Kink(Y) Monthly 2017 March

There is no event notice for Feb 28th on the Facebook page.

SL Search on Kinky Monthly points one to Kink(y) Event and links to the Intro region. This appears to be the correct location (image).

Web search reveals Kinky Monthly. They have a link, it also takes you to Delmars and drops you at Ducknipple… in the rain. They have no notice of a Kinky Monthly event. They do have a notice for Whore Couture Faire 7 (Map URL) running in March 2017. That should be kinky enough for most of us.

Whore 7

I’ve been to this event before. Usually lots of sexy clothes. Still trying to get in.  Website, In-world Group (SLURL), Flickr (group), Facebook, and its blog: Whore Couture. The blog is actually Flair for Events’s blog, the organizer’s blog.

The faire runs from 7am SLT on March 1st through 7am SLT on March 31st. So…. STAY AWAY… til later then I can get in.


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