Second Life Third Party Dev’s Meeting 2016 w/44

Oz Linden was saying on last Friday that one more bug fix coming for the RC Second Life Bento Viewer version Then it will be a candidate for release as the main viewer. This means we will very likely have Project Bento this year and may be before Thanksgiving.

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enb 2016_11_04 21_20_32_90

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version is doing well. It could and likely will release before the Bento viewer.

While the order of release is not clear, inside or outside the Lab, the Lindens do expect one to release before Thanksgiving, in a couple of week and the other will become the default a couple weeks after first of December.

If you follow Project Bento you know there is a problem with some older content, some werewolf animations in particular. Seems the Lindens have found a fix for the older content. The fix is for the problem of a Skeleton Reset deforming a legacy werewolf. But, there is more than one legacy werewolf problem… so… its not so clear what we will be getting.

On the 64-bit viewer the libraries are now complete and the Lindens are building the viewer. They plan to have the viewer out as a project viewer before the end of the year. Oz says they are on schedule for that release date.

There have also been lots of updates to the build tools, these are tools the Lindens use to build the server and viewer software. The improved workflow allows for way faster updates to the build system. In early 2017 the Lab will be updating to the new Mac and Windows build tools, like VS2015.

In 2016 a lot of infrastructure changes not visible to users were made. I might go back over the year and build a list. I used to do that. But, it is tedious and I have so much other funs stuff to do…

It was mentioned at the meeting that the Firestorm team has public beta viewer out. 3,000 copies had been downloaded as of Friday.

There was some talk I have yet to understand about the Catznip Viewer having the Project Bento feature. But, I can’t find anything on the site that confirms that. As far as I can tell the last update to Catznip was January 2016.


Oz Linden said, “As a company we are really excited about Sansar. But, it will most emphatically, definitely won’t replace Second Life. It’s doing just fine. And we are going to keep it that way.”

The Lindens have been looking at the hardware used with Second Life. “A sad fact is very large fraction of them won’t be anywhere near what they need to run Sansar.’

It is sounding more and more like Sansar is more competition for High Fidelity and other build platforms than it is for Second Life.

SL Web Site Changes

At the meeting Grumpity Linden pointed us to: 11.03.2016 – Recent Updates to Web & Marketplace. It lists the changes users can notice.

One of the changes is Premium Members when going to will land on the page This is also your dashboard page. It has all the information you are likely to be affected by and the links to the various parts of the site you often need to reach, like the Lindex. I wouldn’t have noticed it has changed as I usually only look at the left column on my way to the Lindex.

From the information on the page I was surprised to learn the group I am part of with the most members is N-Core, the shoes place, with 72,905. Firestorm Support English 32,0065, Second Life Beta 42,773, and Builders Brewery 35,370. If asked, I would have answered Firestorm Support was the largest. I would have been wrong again.

Top center on the page is a plug for My Second Life, the sort of SL Twitter/Facebook. There is interesting stuff passing through there. I tend to forget about it. Others like Strawberry Singh are very good at posting about what going on. I rely on Feedly for my SL news. But, My Second Life would be a good alternative.

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  1. “One of the changes is Premium Members when going to will land on the page ”

    Actually, no. The Dashboard hasn’t changed.

    The new Premium Landing page Grumpity refers to is this:

    It’s the latest addition to the set of rotating landing pages the Lab puts up for those arriving at Second Life who are no logged-in to encourage them to sign-up.

    • Thanks… I didn’t find it looking through the site. Do you have a link? And would you want the link published?

      nalates DOT u AT gmail DOT com

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