Second Life News 2016 w36

Monday was a US holiday, Labor Day. Many business are closed and that includes Linden Lab.

Je Vis Dans Ma Grotte

Je Vis Dans Ma Grotte

Last week in anticipation of the holiday the server news was posted. There would be no roll to the main channel and on Wednesday we get a roll to the RC channels.

The description of what it contains is brief: logging changes. 


The main viewer is on version, no change since last week,

RC Second Life Visual Outfit Browser Viewer version – This is an update since last week. Presumably it has the changes from the main viewer and some recent fixes to the VOB code.

RC Second Life VLC Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No change since last week.

I go with the news and viewer updates on Tuesday because that is when the servers get updates and the Lindens have had time to review the weekend’s data on the viewers. But, that doesn’t mean all the news is available at the time I write.

This week the server update was published last week. Usually it appears late Monday.

Viewer and server stats are reviewed on Monday and discussed among the Lindens. I suspect that starts on Monday somewhat late and follows through into Tuesday when action is initiated based on the stats.

Sometimes I get this out and a little later things change…


Marine has a new release of her RLV viewer out: This version adds in all the RLVa commands.

Marine explains why RLV and RLVa diverge and come together then diverge and come together. This is one of the times where they have come together. Yay! But, they still are not as compatible as they would like. While closer they are not yet in complete sync, thus the 2.9 versioning runs on.

Scripters can find a list of the added commands in Marine’s announcement here: RLV 2.9.20.

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