Black Dragon Viewer Update 2016 w23

Last week the Black Dragon Viewer got some updates. One of the features appearing in viewers is RESET SKELETON. Black Dragon has added that feature. Also, the max draw distance is now 1024m. I suspect you’re going to need a high end computer to use that setting. I have problems using anything over 256m.

LOTD No.14

LOTD No.14

Lots of fixes in the latest release. Plus some default setting values change.

Niran wants to get more feedback on this viewer. I’m clueless as to how many people use the viewer. But, obviously they aren’t providing much feedback. No feedback, not much fixing or changing.

Use notecards via IM to report problems or feature requests. Niran asks for feedback in group chat but, doesn’t say when. I doubt Niran is on 24×7… So, you sort of take your chances. Note cards are sure to get to Niran.

See: Update “Reset Dragon”

4 thoughts on “Black Dragon Viewer Update 2016 w23

  1. Niran asks for feedback, but often takes it as criticism and gets very prickly. He’s said many times this is just for him, and we should use it or not as we want. So, discretion seems to be best.

    • (chuckling) Well… you are right. Niran doesn’t think some things through…

      I suppose the feedback thing is karma playing out.

    • It’s highly dependent on many things how i will react.

      You’ll get totally different answers and levels of “niceness” if you write on my blog, compared to when you write into my forum or when you IM me or even write on your own blog. It goes basically like this, from safest to “i will eat your babies”

      Nice and informative Niran:
      – IM me inworld directly, explain your problem or report your feedback. No notecards. No questions like “can i ask you a question”. Direct and straight to the point.

      Arrogant but informative neutral Niran:
      – Write on my forum, explain your problem or make a suggestion that is not a “can i have X Viewer’s feature”.
      – Email me (although only like 2 or 3 people have done so far)

      Situational neutral Niran (depending on the conversation i might get nice):
      – Send me a notecard with your feedback/issue.

      Easily triggered Niran:
      – Write on my Blog.
      – Write on something like SLU.

      Niran will eat your babies:
      – Write on your blog or forum somewhere on the interwebs in a corner no one knows about, e.g “no-name” blogs or forums, places i might find after 2 weeks of googling for “Black Dragon Viewer” straight.
      – Write on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook or any other social media platform of that kind i almost can’t search through or have insight into.

      IM me inworld, it is the safest method of getting your feedback to me and it will make sure i actually see it.

      Sounds weird because everyone always keeps saying “send notecards” or write on a blog or something but that’s just how it is, IM me and i will get your feedback, it’s also the best method of getting help. Usually your issue is fixed after the conversation, unless your issue is something i cannot fix because it’s a design decision, like if you want a different skin or something.

      Ontop of the place you write your feedback or reports it’s also important what your feedback/report is about. What i want is clear feedback about everything that is not a design choice and you should usually know if it is, a button that says Apply but cancels out is definitely not on purpose, clipping panels, buttons, labels, not working buttons, features etc are none either, report them.

      If you write on my blog about how devastatingly unusable the Viewer is because i changed the controls but left you the option to change it freely (yes someone did so a few days ago) which clearly makes it your personal issue of laziness, i’ll probably won’t be not nice to you, especially if you write the issue into older posts than the current one and/or that post is the release post of that particular change you are referring to, clearly stating that you can change it, which basically forces me to repeat myself.

      And arguably the worst you can do is go full Firestorm fanboyism on me with arguments like “but Firestorm does it” or even worse do it on your own blog i might find 5 months later and complaining that “the devs don’t
      listen to feedback and you want them to change X Y Z”. Obviously i cannot see your feedback if you decide to post it out of my range and complaining behind my back won’t help you either, you just call for me acting like a dick to you.

      The main issue i see is that people often report junk, waste my time or piss me off with things i really shouldn’t be listening to and then expect me to be nice. Of course i will dunk you into the trash bin face first if you shittalk my Viewer because you don’t see your “life essential” features being implemented because, who would have guessed, this is my Viewer, i’ll always have the last word on what is going into the Viewer and if i decide that i don’t want a feature for whatever reason i might have, then you’ll have to accept it and instead ask for something else. Most feature requests are Firestorm features anyway which is why i have never really actively asked for feature requests. There is so much i could do to lessen this issue, i could write up a long list of features i don’t want (basically almost every single feature of Firestorm, everything that i think circumvents privacy or is not fitting or useful for the Viewer), i could write entire blogs about what i want, what i don’t, how i want it, when and where but it is just a giant waste of time, people wouldn’t read it anyway. If people report an issue that is not an issue but a feature that was throughout explained in the same blog post they commented on, then they clearly didn’t read, why should they read anything (like this wall of text for example) anyway? They simply won’t.

      Really, if people had a bit more common sense they wouldn’t be getting the hammer-to-the-face course of treatment.

      I highly doubt you would be willing to put up with this shit without back lashing, you are doing this stuff for free and people keep shitting on your face for varying reasons, the worst being stupid. Think about it.

      • 🙂 I think you’ll figure out personal relationships someday. Your self-awareness is reasonably accurate. It is the nature of the world and humans you seem to be incapable of accepting. But, there is no reason to accept or change yourself as long as you’re happy with your life as it is…

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