Second Life News 2016 w24


We have the package from the RC channels being promoted to the main channel Tuesday, 6/14. This package labeled as having minor improvements…

One more portrait of my beautiful friend Sienna ♥

One more portrait of my beautiful friend Sienna ♥

(I love the freckles…)

No new package comes out Wednesday. So, all channels, main and RC’s, will be running the same package.


Second Life Inventory Message Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Project VLC Media Plugin Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Project VOB Viewer version – No change since last week.


I have been using Catznip (10.0 January Release), Firestorm (4.7.7), Linden Bento, VOB, and main viewers this week. When asked which was giving the best performance, I decided Catznip and Linden main were the best performers with an edge to Catznip. But, I also had to explain that my results are only true on my hardware.

I’ve also started working on a new tutorial. I typically write about things either I don’t know how to do and need to learn writing as I go or things I know well and see people having problems with. This one is from a place of not knowing and my having problems. The VOB, Visual Outfit Browser, project viewer and having met a couple of REALLY cute avatars bring up some inventory management problems along with Role Play issues.

I am finding a bunch of tutorials providing conflicting information on how to do things. What a headache. People have posted in the SL Forum and SLUniverse about the conflicting information. So, it isn’t surprising I am finding it and having problems. The way I resolve the conflicts is to experiment. That is revealing differences and bugs in viewers. That pushes me to try a task in 3 or 4 viewers.

The experience of quickly shifting between viewers has been enlightening. One outstanding problem I repeatedly see is being in an avatar crowded place while using the Firestorm viewer with shadows enabled is a mistake, at least with my Quad Core2 and a GTX560. In crowds the main Linden Viewer with Jelly Dolls and using shadows survives longer. But currently no viewer lasts even an hour before going into black-screen video freezes.

I can’t call them mini-freezes, which I consider as lasting seconds, a few to may be 30. These can be a minute or two and the whole computer freezes. Waiting them out is faster than rebooting but, not by much.

If I have Google Chrome and a viewer open, as I often do for tutorials, things are way worse. But, I am still experimenting with viewers and browsers as I work my way through the new tutorial. Catznip or Linden Main along with Firefox seem to give me better performance and longer up time… but, that is on this computer.

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