Environment – What are they doing?

In Second Life™ polluting the environment is not an issue we have to deal with. We can hit the Return All button and any pollution problem is solved. iRL it is a problem.

~ The Fresh Snow ~

~ The Fresh Snow ~

In our society of sound bites and 145 word tweets propagandists have found heaven.  Groups with socially appealing names have been taken over by socialists and justice types chasing personal wealth for power. Organizations once doing noble work have turned into organizations that make the mafia run protection scams of the past look retarded. 

Check out the news coming from courts in Canada and America. Finally, courage to counterpunch the green bullies.

We won’t know the facts of these cases until the end of the trials or near the end. But, what has been submitted as evidence in the cases shows how unprincipled these “do good” organizations have become. They apparently operate on the Alinsky philosophy that the ends justifies the means.

We each have to decide if we are principled or whether we will live purely by situational ethics. And who will we support? Those that do whatever they think is needed to achieve their ends? Or those that live by sound principals?

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