Second Life News 2016-21


Today, Tuesday 5/24, the main grid was updated to the latest server package. Dan Linden calls it a security update. That is all the release notes say too.

Looking Glass Paparazzi - Eden Bonde

Looking Glass Paparazzi – Eden Bonde

The three RC channels will all get the same crash fix package for a problem found last week (20) Wednesday. 

I’m not sure but it seems some shuffling was done with the roll outs. I don’t recall the security update being on the RC channels last week. But, I’ve been busy with RL and not paying close attention. Plus last week’s RC package had unnamed changes, so… maybe no shuffling.


The main viewer now is, formerly the Quick Graphics RC.

RC Second Life Inventory Message Viewer version – This version updated from Presumably this has some fixes and adds the new code from the main viewer.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new RC version. The Lindens describe it as: “This is a Maintenance viewer release with a small but delightful bundle of fixes and additions to interfaces, security features and much more!

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – This project viewer hasn’t updated since last week. Expect an update any day. Bento is nearing its final form and will likely make an appearance on the main grid very soon. You’ll start seeing warped avatars, if you are not using the Bento viewer. They’ll be rare.

If you are using an old viewer, one without any Bento code, you will likely crash. I think the only active viewer not updated to having some Bento code is Singularity.

Not wanting nothing has everything

Not wanting nothing has everything

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – we keep hearing we are closer and closer to an update. I do expect to see an update roll out next month. But, again, do NOT hold your breath. The Lindens have had some problems adapting the old Rift viewer to the new Rift code.

I also suspect but there has been no confirmation or even good rumors that the Lab is looking at how the viewer will work with the lower end VR headsets, like Cardboard. I think it would be a good thing if they were, but they may just be focused on the Rift and had that much trouble.

Or they may have been optimizing things to get better Rift performance. In week 20 Oz Linden was at Linden headquarters and they were looking at the Rift viewer. No one is saying much about that it. The Lab tries to manage expectations, so the silence is not surprising.

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