Second Life: Aditi Inventory Problem

A couple of weeks ago I wrote Second Life: Aditi Inventory. This is about a problem those of us that use the Preview Grid, ADITI, have.

'Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain... and most fools do..'

‘Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain… and most fools do..’

The original problem was passwords were not updating and there were problems with inventory in ADITI. The Lindens have been in the process of fixing those problems. In the process they ran into a new problem. The fix came from trying to synchronize your main grid’s (AGNI) inventory with your ADITI inventory. In the previous update process the ADITI inventory was just replaced with the AGNI inventory. Sync’ing is way better. 

The viewer caches the inventory list. When we log into ADITI with a viewer we use on AGNI the cache starts to get a mix of ADITI and AGNI inventory items. Not much of a problem on ADITI. But, logging back into AGNI the viewer seems to get confused. It shows us things in inventory that really aren’t there. It also forgets and fails to show us AGNI items that should be in our inventory.

The Lindens are working to fix the problem. Seems the fix is to make separate inventories for ADITI and AGNI. Until then it is probably a good idea to devote a specific viewer to ADITI and not use it on AGNI.

For more details see Inara’s post: SL project updates 16 15/1: server, viewer, Aditi inventory syncing.

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