ODD: Intel Developers to use Second Life?

In my reading I came across this article on the Intel Developer site: Unity Tip: Using Second Life As A 3D Modeling Package.


You may need to use 3D modeling to create objects for your project but do not have the technical experience yet to do so, or find that your package of choice does not provide the feature that you need (for example, creating spheres in SketchUp is very difficult).  There is an alternative, user-friendly solution though.  You can create your objects in the online virtual reality world Second Life

I think that is pretty interesting…

Even more interesting is they promote the Firestorm Viewer as the viewer of choice. Their reason for recommending Firestorm is the Collada export feature found in Firestorm.

The article provides a tutorial on how to export 3D items from Second Life™ using the Firestorm viewer.

4 thoughts on “ODD: Intel Developers to use Second Life?

  1. The object save as collada feature is very useful. If I have to make a piece of mesh to fit a certain area, meet a certain scale, I will often rough it out with prims in SL, save it out as a collada file, import it into Blender, and then create the mesh around that using it as a guide. Then when I import my finished mesh back into SL, it is at the correct scale and it fits into the area I designed it for.

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