Second Life News Week 14


There is no roll to main server channels this week.

The RC Channels all get the same package, a maintenance fix.

Nothing there that will affect most of us. But, we probably use something that uses the llHTTPRequest function, so indirectly we are affected.

❉ I❤Flowers ❉

❉ I❤Flowers ❉


The main viewer from the Lindens is version 4.0.3-312816, aka HTTP RC or co-routines. This is a change from version of last week. I didn’t notice the update as I have been using the RC HTTP version of this viewer for some time. I found it to be an improvement over the previous default viewer. 

The release notes point to the complete change out of the HTTP protocol sections of the code. This change reduces the number of connections the viewer needs to make and how it uses them. It should be faster and more stable. Well, at least the connections should be more stable, I won’t say the same for the viewer. I’ve seen this one crash to desktop more often than previous versions. Poof and it is gone.

There are places where it seems to take forever for things to download. Other places render rather quickly. I have noticed that at each login and each TP that my avatar has to seemingly reload clothes and mesh. So, I have a seriously scrambled avatar for 1 to 2 minutes and sometimes 4 or 5…

Beyond the HTTP changes they list these as important updates to this version:

These changes impact all areas of the viewer that use Sim Capabilities. A non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Asset upload (Images, Meshes, Animations)
  • AISv3 inventory manipulation
  • Viewer Managed Marketplace
  • Simhost event polling
  • LSL script compilation
  • Experience management (blocking, allowing, creating)

Additionally, this release corrects a number of Voice quality and connection issues on both Windows and the Mac.

There are a couple of dozen other fixes listed in the release notes details. One of those is posting images to FaceBook.

There is one known bug, but it has a work-around. BUG-10447 – Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This is the only RC viewer currently available. It has not updated for a couple of weeks. The Lindens are working on getting the Avatar Complexity Information value to be representative of the load the avatar is placing on computers. I’m not sure if that is the only hold up. It is the one I’ve heard.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – This is an updated version since last week. It only works over on the Aditi grid. You can use it on the main grid. But, it can’t upload animations to the main grid. The changes in this version are noted in the release notes.

I think of special interest is: Along with the skeleton changes, slider support has been considerably expanded. Many of the face sliders will now work for suitably rigged mesh heads.

To follow details on the project see: Project Bento Testing.


~Just relaxing around~

~Just relaxing around~

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – OK, this is the black sheep, step-child of viewers. The last update was October 2014… The statements from the Lab that it will update real soon now, has given new meaning to real soon™.


I think Project Bento is moving along well. It is an interactive process between the Lab and users. Admittedly a very few users, but they are having an impact on the design process. Also, anyone’s feedback is welcome, but to be taken seriously the feedback has to be well beyond the often heard dreamy voiced ‘I want…

Also, while the Bento Viewer has sliders that affect the new mesh heads, AFAIK there are no mesh heads available that have been adapted to Project Bento bones.

AvaStar and MayaStar are both updating, so we can animate the new bones and make mesh heads that are responsive to the sliders. I think those are both still providing beta versions.

I noted yesterday that Blender updated to 2.77. There are some user interface changes that have created some problems for me. I doubt they will negatively affect many designing for Second Life. I’m annoyed because something I am working on, non-SL related, needed a feature I was having to learn and the UI change forced me to learn in an older version so I could follow the available tutorials, another good reason for using the Archive Install versions.

No one is saying when Project Bento will complete and move to the main grid. I am guessing, wildly guessing, we are talking months yet, not many, but months.

I am looking forward to both Quick Graphics and Project Bento. I think when those two projects complete we will start to see some new SL tutorials appear. I’m thinking about a couple that I want to do to help me learn the new features. I have to do lots of experimenting to be confident I understand.


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