Black Desert Online vs Second Life

I came across some interesting stats on Black Desert Online (BDO). These apparently come from a press release from Daum EU, the makers of BDO. I got them from Massively Overpowered.

Image from - More images there.

Image from – More images there.

  • 400,000 US/EU purchasers in the first month of launch [March]
  • 120,000 average daily US/EU users
  • 100,000 concurrent US/EU users (peak, presumably)
  • $12 million US in revenue in month one (this appeared to be an extrapolation on the part of MMO Culture)
  • Daum’s goal is a million US/EU users this year.

In March Second Life’s peak concurrent user count was 59,000+ (my data). We have no idea how many people log into SL in a 24 hour period.

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