Second Life Server & Viewer Update


A new version of RC Maintenance Viewer version is out as of 3/31. I am running it. I have had had little time with it. I can’t tell if it is a problem or if the Second Life™ servers were just lagging. Whichever it was, rendering was painfully slow. Every time I moved or turned my head FPS would drop to 5 or 6.

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Yesterday 3/30, RC Tools Update Viewer version appeared. This version is about the build tools related to Visual Studio 2013, Xcode 6.1 compilers used to build the viewer. 


There was no update of the main channel this week (14). This is due to a bug found in last week’s package that caused Trash to refill after being emptied. The package running on all three RC Channels has this new fix.

The problem only has existed in the RC Channels as the previous update package introduced the problem. It never made it to the main channel.

HTTPInventory* is pretty much now mandatory. If you disable the feature, you are going to have problems with your inventory. Expect it to be farther depreciated as time passes.

*This is a Debug Setting.

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