Second Life: Crap… SL Go Closing

They could not announce this yesterday. No one would have believed it. I still chased down the announcement just to be sure. It is on the SL Go site.

SL Go Closing

SL Go Closing

It seems SL Go was bought out by Sony. There has to be some tech there that Sony wants for their VR. But, they aren’t interested in continuing the SL Go services. So, we have a number of users that are screwed.

However, SL Go is free until the end of the month, April 30, 2015. Click.

Tech Crunch has more details. See: Sony Is Buying OnLive’s 140 Cloud Gaming Patents.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Crap… SL Go Closing

  1. Truly sad– as computers get outdated this was a fantastic way to do SL– FS on it was the best. To see everything right away — two sim draw—

    Hopefully Linden will match the service – somehow– but FS would be needed.

    I wish the people at OnLive the best and any company would be lucky to get them.

    • I am hoping for the best for Online’s employees.

      As Sony got the patents, I don’t expect Linden Lab to offer a similar service. I do expect that NGP (SL2) will run on most devices… eventually. But, old computers… I don’t know. I think there is a chance, but that’s about all.

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