Second Life’s Full Perm Fair

I had never heard of it. But this is apparently the 6th fair. It’s an interesting event with a ton of Full Perm stuff for sale. I runs from March 1 to 22. You’ll find it in Old Europe Village. It is small but jam packed.

Full Perm Fair - March 2015

Full Perm Fair – March 2015

I am guessing the purpose of the fair is to provide source items for people good at texturing and weak at mesh modeling.

Full Perm Fair - Product

Full Perm Fair – Product

It seems standard sizing items are predominant. I suppose that is because working with fitted mesh is tricky. The creative types seem to have gotten into Sized Mesh. I hope they are learning how to work with Fitted Mesh. Much of the Sized Mesh seems to be for girls with big butts. That runs the range from Supersized-Kardashian butts down to the sexier Jaylo butt, but not much for the Halle Berry sized women.

Full Perm Fair - Product

Full Perm Fair – Product

Notice all the stuff you get with the item.

…and what is up with Caspervend? I have yet to get a Demo button to work on one of those vendors. I’m betting the vendor works, but may be it is too hard to add demo versions of the product… Whatever, no demos keeps me from buying a lot of things.

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    • 😆 — What a great idea… sorry. I blew it.

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