IAR Exports – OpenSim

If you play in OpenSim worlds you have probably heard of IAR exports. If you built a region in OpenSim, then you probably use IAR exports to backup your work. I do… did. I haven’t started my OSGrid regions for some time.

0496 - Condensation/OpenSim

Condensation/OpenSim by Zonja Capalini, on Flickr

IAR is an Inventory ARchive file. Very handy thing to have. If your grid closes, having an IAR copy of your work that you can take to another grid can mean not having to redo your work.

Hypergrid Business has an article on the recent debate that erupted over the safety of this export/import feature of OpenSim. Safe in the sense of is it safe or subject to abuse? Abuse, like copyboting theft. It is subject to abuse, but that isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I think Maria Korolov does a good job of putting things in perspective. See: How dangerous are IAR exports?

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