Second Life News 2014-50


This Tuesday and Wednesday we will have rollouts to the main and RC channels. The main channel will get a maintenance release running on the RC channels. The main things in this release are:

  • Fixes BUG-7515 Restarting region turns off “block parcel fly over”
  • Fixes BUG-4949 Cannot manage block list with certain object names
  • Fixes BUG-7850 Experience tools: “Script trying to teleport other avatars!” script error appears incorrectly
  • Fixes BUG-6789 Spelling mistake in llGodLikeRezObject
  • Minor server change to help configure the texture and mesh CDN

RC Channel

All three RC channels get the same release, another maintenance release with these fixes:

  • Fixes BUG-7595 Allowed & Blocked experiences persist with parcel owner change after purchase or abandoning.
  • Fixes BUG-7036 Experience based scripts in attached child prims reference their operation by region position instead of root position like non-experience based scripts.
  • BUG-7048 llGetExperienceDetails() returns 4 for state and “operation not permitted” for state message while over mainland parcels that have the experience allowed.
  • BUG-6757 Different error code returned for an Experience that is not permitted to run on a parcel / region OR a user clicked No on the permission request dialog
  • Additional internal Experience Key fixes
  • To find experiences with all unicode names you have to leave the search field blank and page through all results


The main viewer is 3.7.22-297128, which fixes a crash on launch in the GPU benchmark code. Those people that have auto-update turned off have been running into problems. An update to this version should fix the problem for those people, but it depends on the video card  in the system.

RC & Project Viewers

Nothing new going on in the viewer side.

 Benchmark Viewer version – Expect this one to disappear soon as it isd now serving as the main viewer.

Maintenance Viewer version – According to the release notes: This release adds some fixes to previously released changes in the way we handle joint offsets in rigged meshes. Originally, if you attached multiple meshes with joint offsets, the results were unpredictable, depending on the order in which the attachments were processed. This means that you could see yourself with different joint positions at different times, and the way you saw yourself might not match up to what others saw. With these changes, the behavior is deterministic, so wearing the same set of meshes should always produce the same joint positions, and the way you see yourself should consistently match the way others will see you.The process for removing attached meshes is also more robust, so you should be able to reliably get your old joint positions back after meshes are removed. People running un-updated viewers will continue to see the original behavior with the original bugs, but will not experience any new regressions due to these changes.

This release also fixes some issues found with adding and removing attachments after the recent AISv3 deploy, and improves the status information shown in inventory for attached objects.

Pipeline Viewer version – In this version they have reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout time so that stalled connections fail quickly, allowing earlier retry. The timeout value changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds.

Project Experience Tools Viewer version– Still lagging.

Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version – This viewer allows Merchants to manage inventory associated with Marketplace Listings from within the viewer. In addition to making management of Marketplace Listings easier, sale of items which Merchants do not have the right copy will now be supported with the Direct Delivery purchase mechanism.

So, Magic Boxes are now completely obsolete. Expect them to stop working once this feature moves to being the main viewer.

Oculus Rift Viewer version – Pending release of retail Oculus.

Firestorm Viewer

Firestorm Release version is nearing release. The wiki is being updated with new release note changes. Once I have time to listen to the developers meeting recording I’ll probably know more. But, these changes mean the release of a new Firestorm is nearing.


I am swamped with RL work and tasks. I won’t be around SL much this week. That means not much blogging either.

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