Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 5/27/2017

This is an interesting meeting. Vir Linden announces some of the projects the Lindens are going to be working on. I have some pre-meeting coverage and then some post-meeting footage. The video is long. I did not time compress this video. There is quite a bit going on in chat. At normal speed, it is hard enough to keep up with. So, I decided not to speed it up. I also provided a topic index/summary of the video. You’ll find time marks in the… Continue reading

Second Life: Performance Changing

As the Second Life™ system advances more of the content will be transferred to the viewer by HTTP protocol. This takes load from UDP and the region server-simulators and moves it to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Shadow Puppets! We expect some degree of region performance improvement, especially in crowded regions with lots of avatars. But, there may be a cost for those on slow Internet connections. It is hard to estimate the impact on… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-46 #2

There was not much new news revealed in the Beta Server User Group meeting this week. We seem to be getting sparse news, not that Lindens aren’t talking. There is just not much to talk about. Blood Letters 2014 CDN The rollouts to the RC Channels were tweaks to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). When Whirly Fizzle asked, “Are those CDN changes something users will notice?” Maetro Linden described them as: “No, it’s just a way to… Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w12

Servers There is a roll out to the main channel today, Tuesday. This is the package described as: Added a new internal logging output and changes to increase stability and security. Gräfin von Chenonceaux At last week’s Beta Server group meeting they were discussing the next coming package. It will have the change to CDN (Content Delivery Network) of more assets. Something is causing it to fail to grant capabilities to users. I could cam into a… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-40

Changes The Lindens have a new post in the SL Forum titled: An Update on Several Improvements to Second Life™ (9/30 9:36AM SLT). The first thing they mention is their changing the viewer from using a list of graphics cards to determine what settings to use to using a benchmark process to test the installed video card. Based on the tests they estimate what the card is capable of doing. The viewer that has this change is a Project Viewer and can… Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w14

Caleb Linden sort of posts the new deploy information for server software. Those posts have gotten progressively shorter providing less and less information. We are down to it being a pasted in URL to the release notes. Rustic Kitchen 3 This week we did get a roll to the main channel. The only stated change is a tweak to the ‘asset metrics stats’. I think this is for the change to deliver more assets by the Content Delivery Network (CDN). They… Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w50

Servers The main channel got a server update today, Tuesday. This is the package that ran on the RC chnnels last week. The changes: Adds Feature: BUG-6377 llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_ATTACHED_SLOTS_AVAILABLE]) Adds Feature: BUG-40871 Add new llGetEnv() constant “region_object_bonus” Internal Changes Tomorrow, Wednesday, the RC channels will get a new package. It is described as having: Improved internal server logging. A cold Day… Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Developer’s Meeting 2017 w7

There are 2 Maintenance viewers showing on the Alternate Viewers page. One with render changes (Love Me Render Viewe), one everything else (Maintenance Viewer). The non-render change viewer has about 44,000 hours of run time logged. It currently has a better crash rate then default viewer. But, it isn’t enough hours to know how stable it actually is or if problems are hiding. That usually takes about 100,000 hours. The Hell`s Heaven 2.0-2 But,… Continue reading