Second Life News 2014-39 #2

Not much news coming out of the Server Beta UG.

Server Beta UG 2014-39

Server Beta UG 2014-39


The Content Delivery Network for AGNI has grown a bit, more regions added to the Snack Channel:

  1. Brasil Rio
  2. Brocade
  3. Denby
  4. Fluffy
  5. Freedom City
  6. Hippo Hollow
  7. Hippotropolis
  8. Rocket City
  9. Testsylvania Sandbox
  10. Whippersnapper

This is up from the original 4.

Any viewer can be used to try out the CDN. If there are not Second Life users in your area, you may not see much difference. If you’re in one of the areas with a number of SL users, they may have caused the CDN’s cache to load the content you need. In that case you should see a noticeable difference. 

XP Tools

The package that updates Experience Tools is still running on the RC channels. We may see it roll to the main channel next week. No news on that point today.

We did learn that the function llGetExperienceDetails() now includes the group_id in the returned list of information. The wiki listing for the function was last updated 9/25.

The function llUpdateKeyValue() now correctly returns a key if it did not previously exist.

Caleb Linden told us, “Objects using experience permissions and llAttachToAvatar() are no longer automatically detached when leaving an area where the Experience is allowed.”

None of these are new, just tweaks.


A new Project Viewer is out: Benchmark Viewer version This version now uses a ‘benchmark’ in place of the GPU table to decide what graphics setting to use for your installation.

Previously the viewers pulled information from a GPU Table file that was/is part of the viewer. If your shiny new video card had not yet been added to the table, you were just out of luck. Its nice new features and speed would be ignored and the graphics settings turned to medium.

Once this viewer is working as planned and is promoted t the main default viewer, it will be the end of the GPU Table.

Group Ban

It is out there. You just have to have a viewer that supports it and ban rights in a group. It doesn’t matter which viewer you have if you are banned, then you are banned. You only have to have a supporting viewer to do the banning.

Baker Linden tells us that 4500 bans are in place as of today.

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