Second Life News Bits 2014-32 #3


At Thursdays Server Beta UG meeting we learned that a prior JSON fix (BUG-6466) is unwound by this fix. It is a case of one fix breaking something else and aggravating other problems. JSON is JavaScript Object Notation and was added to the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) as a better way to deal with list/array information, a task that LSL is weak handling. Whatever, a fix is in-the-works.


Hunk - Found in Lost Eden 2014

Hunk – Found in Lost Eden 2014

The server engineers are working on ‘infrastructure’ changes… a somewhat fuzzy statement. Maestro Linden says a major operating system (OS) is planned and this work is assuring that various system services work as intended with the new OS. I suppose when they are sure things work, they’ll start updating the OS on backend servers.

SL runs on Linux. As best we know some flavor of Linux. Recent changes to the Linux core are performance and security related. The improvements touch file handling, memory, power management, and more. I guess that the Lindens have found some of the changes interesting enough to plan an upgrade. 

HUD Problems

There is a problem with HUD’s detaching and reattaching when crossing regions. Whirly Fizzle describes it: “Has anyone noticed any weirdness lately (last week-2 weeks…..) with attachments after teleport? Namely, HUDs being quickly detached then reattached after a TP to a different region but after they reattach they show as worn on an invalid attachment point in inventory until you click them. Only seems to happen on AIS3 viewers (but its intermittent so not 100% sure of that)”

The scripts will do their ‘OnRez’ instructions, thinking they have just been attached. Some just lock up. Also, the attachments ‘sometimes’ report being on an invalid attachment point.

Those of us that switch back and forth between Firestorm and the Linden SL Viewer will run into the problem with the FS Bridge. The Firestorm bridge is suppose to detach automatically from avatars running through a viewer other than Firestorm. A region crossing triggers the automatic detachment. But, it seems other attachments are being affected too.

The Firestorm bridge attaches to Center-2 (HUD) (reference). Firestorm Viewer actually attaches the ‘rock’ found in the SL Inventory Library and then inserts the script. After teleporting you can look in inventory or Worn Appearance and see it listed as attached to an invalid attachment point.

This problem along with some ‘timing’ problems from the recent Interest changes often means a HUD stops working and cannot be attached or detached. A relog is required to clear the problem. Some people have been seeing the problem for a couple of months.

German Email

Email services that are part of the United Internet Company or rout through it are blocking email sent from SL. The engineering team doesn’t handle this type of issue so the Lindens know little of what is going on or being done.

The guesstimate is about half the German SL users are affected.


Little to report. The Zipper viewer has disappeared. It was a problem for those with older operating systems. No word on whether the viewer is dead or in redesign.


Dora Gustafson is a scripter and long time member of the Second Life community. Dora has a store and makes scripts for various tasks. Some of the scripts Dora gives away. You can find some of them here: User: Dora Gustafson. Another very handy script is the Easy SitTarget Tool (L$0). The tool makes it easy to program a prim’s sit target.

I’m looking for a good multi-pose/sit tool for items being resold. Dora’s tools are in the running. I want a good menu for non-owner users. Let me know if you have found one you like.

I have noticed that some tools being sold, some expensive ones, are way old and when trying to track down the owners found they were no longer in SL. Buying a L$2k item from someone no longer in SL seems foolish. It would be nice to have dates on MP items.

Skill Gaming

The FAQ page in the wiki is being updated. The page was created July 2014. You can find it here: Linden Lab Official: Second Life Skill Gaming FAQ.


It is Fifty Linden Friday. A interesting starting place for a beginning point in a FLF shopping spree is Drift.

NCI Teachers for Zindra

NCI has a request out for teachers:

NCI (new Citizen, Inc.) is the oldest virtual school in Second Life. The founder, Brace Coral, started NCI in 2004. NCI has partnered with the Zindra Alliance and will be opening a full service school on Zindra Alliance Island as soon as we get enough teachers on site.

Anyone that would like to become an official NCI teacher and help Zindra Alliance Island start their classes please take the attachment and register with NCI to learn how to teach a class. The application to become a NCI MENTOR is in the box also.

They need teacher in the following subjects:

  • qavamator
  • power tools
  • starting a business
  • land  and tier
  • land ownership
  • dealing with griefers

Their region and store is here: Kuula. The information node for classes is here.

It is curious that they didn’t tell in any of the material announcing their quest for teachers where to send the applications… is that a test or an oversight?

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